Russia ‘may be helping supply Taliban’, says US general, as militants capture strategic district of Sangin

The top US general in Europe warned on Thursday that Russia may now be arming the Taliban, as the militant group seized the Afghan town that more than 100 British soldiers died trying to defend.

The strategic district of Sangin in Helmand province was the deadliest battlefield for UK forces in Afghanistan and 104 British troops died in the effort to keep it out of the Taliban’s hands.

But the town fell early on Thursday morning as Taliban forces continued a years-long offensive to extend their reach in southern Afghanistan.

  • Sid Falco

    Typical warmongering bullshit.

  • Gary

    It’s time to pull out all Western troops from islamic hell-hole and let them implode to slaughter each other so their children can’t come here and kill us one day.
    These are people that will die for allah no matter the cause because everything is allah will which explains why they even kill our soldier that are there to help them .

    The quran deems all of the current 6,000,000,000 non-muslims on earth as enemies of allah and islam to be converted or KILLED. I don’t care if Justin tells us that his 10 Muslims MP’s are the good fascists that won’t kill us ….they all have the same Quran that tells them to kill us, so if they haven’t denounced those parts of the qruan they are guilty by-proxy for excusing away other muslims that are jihadists.

    The media is now reporting on the London slaughter as good news that the jihadists was born in the UK. Gee, that will make me feel better on the Subway when a muslims goes jihad wit ha suicide-vest and my life is fading to black as I hear some say ‘ He was born here ‘ .

  • Alain

    Arming the Taliban like the CIA did? What next – the sky is falling because of the Russians? Oh yeah I keep forgetting that Trump is a Russian agent according this crowd.

    • Clausewitz

      Now that they are the bad guys they are the Taliban. When the US was arming them through the Democrat controlled Senate committees, they were the Mujahedeen.

  • Millie_Woods

    Russia ‘May Be Helping Supply Taliban’

    Maybe Pakistan or Turkey or Saudi Arabia is helping them. Ever since the democrats turned on the Russians they get blamed for everything. Personally, I have zero interest in making them my enemy.