Man arrested after trying to drive car into crowd on Antwerp shopping street – Belgium police

The man is from Antwerp but is of North African descent, De Standaard reported. The man is believed to be a radicalized Muslim, according to the media.

  • Reader

    When for many years Muslims in Israel run down people, the western media don’t even report it most of the time, or when they do, they try to portray the murderer of Jews as a victim too.

    How come they aren’t doing so when it happens in their own country?

    • Because Europe is afraid of it’s Muslim horde and has decided to sell Israel out in the hope of appeasing them.

      • Observer

        And to sacrifice their own people if they happen to be Jewish.

  • robins111

    Seem to me, that there are a whole gaggle of those ‘radicalized pisslamists’ coming out of the woodwork

    • They are acting on the commonly held beliefs of the Ummah.

  • Gary

    Muslims have learned the terrorism works to silence the media and Politicians.
    John Tory could be standing next to an Imam that rapes a 10 year old girl while praising allah and muhmamad….yet he would still visit the Imam’s mosques and praise him while denounce islamophobia.

    Wynne and Tory will face the next election by a reminder of them praising the Toronto mosque that called for slaughtering all the jews and non-muslims in Canada.
    I remember when Tory said that he would stop the overt nudity at PRIDE
    because of the children that were their being expose to naked males. But then he became the mayor and now embraces child-abuse for the votes as well as supporting the Imams spewing jew hatred fro m mosques.

    The muslims claim that the Imam was gone an it won’t happen again….but the muslims in the mosques during his sermon didn’t protest and leave because the video proves that they stood there and grunted to agree to slaughter the jews.
    Tort and Wynne will be among the first ones behead by the islamists once Justin puts them in power .

  • Oh he’s one of those North African Belgian Muslims, I hear they’re real peaceful on account they are so devout.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Yeah, as Belgian as Belgian waffles, no doubt. Nothing to worry about there.

    • canminuteman

      I saw this story on CBC and it referred to him as a Frenchman.

  • Nothing to do with islam. “Copy cat” crime. Right?
    Did you all see the goofballs making happy hand gestures to show their tolerance or whatever at the anniversary thingy in Brussels yesterday?
    Teh stoopit, it burnz!

  • tom_billesley

    He has been described as a “French muslim”, and his car is registered in France.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Maybe he was just an 80 year old guy from Florida. THEY do that shit all the time.

  • Watchman

    Fake News: “Amsterdam pedestrians saved from another vehicular rampage after bystander jams umbrella between spokes and front forks of berserk bicycle.”

  • Ah, Thursday in Belgium…