London terror – a lesson from Israel

The brave talk fools nobody, not the Islamic hot heads first of all, not if Europe and the US keep bringing more of them in.

A terrorist rams his car into a crowd. Then he steps out and starts knifing civilians.

That was Wednesday in London, but in Israel it can be any day of the week.

So the terrorist attack at Westminster outside Parliament, which killed four, would surprise no Israeli, particularly as to this pattern of terrorism. In Israel it’s been going on for years…deadly car rammings and indiscriminate knifings as a method to strike fear into the heart of an entire population.

  • Gary

    Tomorrow in our Mosques behind closed doors the muslims will be cheering their brother and calling for killing the jews.
    Just ask John Tory , he’s buddies with the jew-hating Imams.

  • Victor Redlick

    Should John Tory buy some milk? He’s thinking about it – The Globe … › News › Toronto John’s so meh!

  • JusticeVegas – Deplorable

    This Islamic mass murderer was copying a similar attack at Ohio State University last November 28th. It was a miracle that a police officer was near and shot the Islamic psychopath dead as he attempted to stab the victims he ran over. The brave Christian police officer prevented any deaths. Sort of like those US Marines traveling on a train in Belgium when they took down an Islamic psychopath hell bent on shooting up the train of infidels. Luckily no one died there.

  • When such car-ramming and stabbing happens in Israel, where it has been common, the European media and politicians hardly bothered to mention it, implying that they did not care or that they supported the perps. Because of this silence and complicity, it is now happening more and more in Europe.

    • caliroxanne

      It’s just a traffic accident, right? Just like the traffic accident that was averted in Antwerp Thursday, and the traffic accident in Nice, and the traffic accident in Israel that killed an American and others, and the traffic accident in…