Christianity is ‘over’ in Iraq and will not return, says former vicar of Baghdad

War-torn Middle Eastern nation was once home to around 1.5m Christians. There are now thought to be less than 250,000

Christianity is all but dead in war-torn Iraq, according to the so-called British “Vicar of Baghdad”.

Canon Andrew White, who was vicar of the only Anglican church in the country before being pulled out in 2014, said the “time has come” where Christianity “is over” in Iraq.

Mr White, from Kent, was speaking in a Fox News interview as the Iraqi military continues its offensive to drive Isis out of its major Iraqi stronghold Mosul, and after Donald Trump attempted to enforce a travel ban against six Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East and north Africa.

  • BillyHW

    This is the near future of Europe.

  • jayme

    “Christianity is over in Iraq”: “that’s too bad,” President Obama was quoted as saying, before breaking into a smirk.

  • ontario john

    Well, I hope he doesn’t think the leftist main line churches is the West care. They have made it quite clear, that they are concentrating on homosexual rights, global warming scams, and various socialist policies.

    • Watchman

      Redistribution of wealth to the third world and redistribution of the third world population to the West seems to be the spiritual goals of much of the churches in the West.

  • Gary

    Yet Obama and Justin favoured bringing in muslim refugees from Iraq when they are the ones killing the Christians and NOT trying to stop it .

    If muslims are telling us that they are the main victims of terrorism….. why the hell would we want to bring in millions of them that will one day start killing each other on our soil by the shia and sunni’s bombing each others mosques.

  • Not if we arm Christians.