Cap-and-trade auction little more than a cash grab

Congenital liar

It’s hard to imagine how even Premier Kathleen Wynne’s incompetent government could screw up its first auction of carbon credits to major industrial emitters Wednesday under its new cap and trade plan.

That’s because this one only involves Ontario industries and the province established all the rules.

The bigger gamble will come next year when Ontario joins the roller coaster California-Quebec cap and trade market.

  • David Murrell

    Another well-written article from the Sun’s Lorrie Goldstein. He makes a complicated topic, the notorious cap-and-trade system, understandable. A very underrated conservative writer.

  • ontario john

    This province is so screwed, we will never recover. And then the morons in this province elect her twin brother as PM.

  • mauser 98

    ….not on the CBC
    Close to an all-time record low for all of Canada’s high Arctic
    …’4 Mar 2017, the temperature dropped to -66°F (-54C) at Mould Bay on
    Prince Patrick Island, setting a new all-time record low for the area.’

  • andycanuck

    And just because Chicago’s, India’s and (one of the?) European carbon dioxide markets crashed because of corruption doesn’t mean it will happen here. Right?

    • Watchman

      “This time it will really work and be immune from corruption and exploitation.”

      Is my cheque in the mail for that above completely unsolicited independent assessment of the plan, I need to pay they rent next week?

  • Jaedo Drax

    Ontario should hurry up and join the California-Quebec market, so that we can buy credits at $0.10 per tonne.

    • Watchman

      These are carbon credits for not producing carbon dioxide, right? I was going to produce a 100 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, but decided to only produce 100 tonnes. Therefore I have reduced my emissions by 99,999,900 tonnes, and this saving is available for purchase by Ontario industries.

  • Reader

    Doesn’t Kathleen Wynne know she is going to go to Purgatory unless she buy this Indulgence from me for only $5 million?

  • Does this idiot really think that there is more money to waste?

    • Observer

      There’s always more tax payer money to waste for a Liberal.