Canada: Bring on the Islamization!

Justin Trudeau is a stupid man who in his desire for Muslim votes has given the hatred central to Islam license.

No one — neither media, nor politicians — even bothered to ask whether there is a significant connection between the virulent Jew-hatred being preached in mosques and the disproportionately high occurrence of hate crimes against Jews. Instead, the entire Canadian parliament is preoccupied with banning “Islamophobia”.

  • ontario john

    So will feminist Trudeau get one of his many muslim ministers to bring forth a motion to fight the hatred of Jews? Of course not. The Liberal Party only cares about votes, and there are more muslims than Jews. The Liberal Party has no principals, and never did.

  • Dana Garcia

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali was interviewed by Tucker Carlson last night and she emphasized that muslims cannot be civilized by friendly treatment:

  • Gary

    John Tory has now joined the Liberals in defending islamic barbarism by praising the mosque in Toronto that call for slaughtering all the jews.
    This won’t look good in Tory’s next Election campaign with a poster ‘ I stand with muslims that want to slaughter the jews ‘
    Diversity makes Toronto great.

  • reidjr

    July 1st Canada Day in Ottawa is expected to draw a million people downtown now if Isis wanted to make its mark big time this would be it now the bigger question is will the feds be prepared if something does happen.

    • No. They wouldn’t be.

      • Observer

        Are you sure they don’t have the Canada Sharia Law Act all ready in the hopes it would stop future attacks?