Conservative Students Live In Terror Of Liberal Peers At Minnesota College

St. Olaf School Of Liberal Fascism

Conservative students at St. Olaf College, a Lutheran liberal arts school in Minnesota, live in terror of their liberal colleagues and are afraid to discuss politics on campus, The College Fix reports.

Not only are they outnumbered, as 80 percent of the college voted Democratic in the last presidential election, many have been violently threatened by college neighbors.

  • David Murrell

    Part of being a conservative is to not feed money into the belly of fascist-left beasts. Why would any conservative attend a liberal arts college? Part of being a conservative would be go enroll in one of the STEM programs (science, technology engineering, math/medicine/management science).

    The posted article mentions that one student Republican is transferring out of that dreaded school. Good. The only thing that can influence these brain-dead administrators is the loss of tuition revenues.

    • KillerMarmot

      Conservatives should not be restricted to the STEM fields. They may want to study history, economics, philosophy, languages, and so on.

      This inevitably means they must become a part of a strongly left-leaning department.

      • David Murrell

        Point well taken. But still, it is difficult to see how a conservative can survive in such places. I have taught for 32 years in a middle-of-the-rad academic department, but has been tough staying away from the fascistic NDP-type colleagues. And hw does a conservative live in such a sewer like St. Olaf? Easier said than done.

        • KillerMarmot

          I have no idea how conservative or libertarian students tolerate some of these colleges. Most of them likely just bite their tongue a lot.

          The good news is that they will emerge far tougher and prepared for life than progressive students who stay cocooned within their safe spaces and who are never exposed to objectionable viewpoints.