Brussels mayor: All our mosques are controlled by Salafists

The Belgian capital has a problem with extremist Islam, Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur said in an interview with newspaper De Morgen published Wednesday, one year after the terror attacks at Zaventem Airport and Maalbeek metro station.

“Everyone knows that all mosques in Brussels are in the hands of Salafists,” Mayeur said, referring to the radical form of Islam. “We need to change this, we need new mosques that follow our democratic rules and that are being controlled by the government.”

However, Mayeur denied claims his city is the capital of jihad, an image that emerged after authorities revealed many of the terror suspects responsible for the Paris and Brussels terror attacks lived or operated from the city.

“Jihadism in Belgium started in Antwerp, then spread to Vilvoorde, Molenbeek and Brussels-north,” Mayeur said.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    Mohamed was a terrorist in his day and age. Muslims think this terrorist was the “ideal man”. The Koran is a terrorism manual about conquering the infidel. Muslim theology is a doctrine of totalitarianism and global conquest.

    Why should anyone be surprised when we learn that mosques in Brussels – or anywhere for that matter – are incubators of radical Islam and terrorism? *scratching head*

    • Starlord

      True. Look at the imams exposed here in Canada and what happens… nothing. My belief is that the majority are controlled by imams that follow the koran literally. So that means they spew hate, put down women, and generally say don’t be friends with kuffars, lie to them . etc conquer…

      And then 20yrs later the local people are left it and the politicians are off enjoying their retirement away from it all.

      • I have been exposing Imams for over 10 years now, occasionally something happens, most of the time it is ignored or excused by our corrupt political class.

        • Etobicoke_Gladiator

          Our “political class” is a bunch of idiots and cowards. That’s why. Besides, isn’t criticizing an imam “Islamophobia”? 😉

        • Starlord

          Did you see Kwan in the house. She support m103 but during her speech said… I don’t know about islam.. Do these people live in LA la land. Don’t read something from Europe.

  • Marvin
    • Great idea.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Actually, three states, including one for Flemings and one for Walloons.

  • Grow testicles!

    M1 – Close all mosques.

    M2 – Arrest the mullahs.

    M3 – Confiscate, the money.

    This will get their attention.

  • Malcolm Y
  • pdxnag

    No, you need a Zero Mosques policy, and for those that would gleefully attend.

  • moraywatson

    If Brussels was infested with rats, the mayor’s solution would be to import new rats that are fed only by the government.