Will Wynne call an early election?

Could Ontario have an election this summer instead of next spring?

Political insiders say while it’s a low-percentage possibility, it’s not completely impossible.

Why? Because trials involving government representatives don’t look good on the government.

  • ontario john

    There is about much chance of her calling an early election, as there is that hydro line to nowhere being completed in Caledonia.

  • Ed

    Yes please. I’m itching to vote.

  • HalcyonDaze

    The only reason she’d call an early election is to head off more scandals before they become known to the public. Otherwise she’ll bide her time and screw Ont. even more before the voting population removes her and her gang of 4 from power.

    • I am not sure she will be voted out, that will only happen if the Public Service Unions have another patsy in place, Brown looks like he is applying for that job and while I’m sure the kleptocracy likes what they see in him I am not sure he could carry the day.

  • Ron MacDonald

    She’ll pull a McGuinty, quit politics, let someone else take over the party who,in turn, will tell the same lies the other two did in order to remain in power.

  • mauser 98
  • If she does, she’ll get back in.

  • Gary

    She also wants be be in power to promote Justin for his 2019 election. Trudeau won’t look good while the memory of Wynne corruption and her stink is still in air from the June 2018 disaster.

  • Michael Pastien

    ONTARIO needs clearly strong independent candidates before the next Election or else the same OLP will likely win another MAJORITY.

    One of these days…perhaps the “DUMB VOTERS” wil figure out that Ontario has not had real Opposition Parties who are truly trying to get elected!