Trump Publishes 1st List of ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Protecting Illegal Aliens

In an attempt to increase pressure on sanctuary cities, the Department of Homeland Security has published its first weekly list of all 118 localities refusing to cooperate with the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown.

Each week, the list will publish every detention request rejected by local jails — detailing the relevant agency, the status of the immigrant, and the charges they are facing.

  • Brett_McS

    .. and then when the funding is cut off from these cities, most people will say “finally!”, and not “what did they do that for?”. It’s called winning (the argument).

  • Hard Little Machine

    Send 100% of all illegals and ‘refugees there. And if they are ever caught outside of those locales send them back. If they happen to be discovered living and owning stuff somewhere else, take it and sell it off.

  • BillyHW

    Is it Christmas again already?

  • Watchman

    Fake News: John Carpenter’s new film: Escape From Sanctuary City #13, the third film in the Escape From New York, and Escape From L.A. series.

  • Gary

    Women can use this to avoid tourism there because the Police won’t protect plus foreign tourists that can plan their trip in non-sanctuary cities .
    Mass boycott for visits there will hurt the City and see how Liberal the rich are to pay higher taxes.