The Nothing Burger Gets Flipped

Remember when Ted Cruz, earlier this month, said that Jeff Sessions’ meeting with the Russians was “a nothing burger”?  I thought of that often today when, for reasons I still do not understand (was it a Lenten observance?), I subjected myself to the hours-long House Intelligence Committee questioning of FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Mike Rogers.

Yes, it was a spectacle. But not in the way I had assumed.  I didn’t learn anything I did not already know about the so-called (mis-called) “Russian Hacking” meme that the Democrats are so eager to disseminate.

But I did learn something about the possibilities for political grandstanding that such meetings afford. Democratic representative after Democratic representative used his or her time not so much to ask questions but to deliver little sermons on the perfidy of Donald Trump and various people associated with his campaign or administration