Swedish Paper Gives Migrant Crime Whistleblower Cop New Column

Whistleblower police officer Peter Springare, who exposed the extent of migrant crime in Sweden, has been given a new column by newspaper Nyheter Idag.

Officer Springare has become a household name in Sweden after using his Facebook account to tell the public about the level of migrant crime police have to deal with but that otherwise goes unreported by establishment media or the government.

  • Watchman

    Fake News: “Swedish newspaper Nyheter Idag burns down tomorrow: police believe cause of fire is suspicious and are investigating links to extremist islamophobics”


    • huron

      Electoral fire

  • Alain

    Were he an American, the FBI would be investigating him along with the newspaper. Just saying.

  • bargogx1

    The Swedish establishment must be crapping in their pants over this. They’re probably desperately trying to figure out a way to shut him up.