Research Problems Unravel Liberal Narrative Alleging ‘Everyone Is Racist’

Years of sensational coverage has made the ‘implicit bias’ test out to be a foolproof predictor of racist belief. The evidence strongly suggests otherwise.

One of the more pervasive assumptions of modern American society, particularly in my generation, is the notion that “everyone is racist,” “society” has made everyone racist, and—most importantly—much of this racism is “implicit” or “subconscious,” something that isn’t directly observable but nonetheless real.

“They’ve done tests,” people insist. “These tests show that you are more likely to have positive responses towards white faces and negative responses towards black faces. It’s been proven by science. You’re probably racist, too, even if you deny it.”

These “tests” have constituted a critical cornerstone of the modern progressive view of racism: where no actual racial animus can be found, liberals have often resorted to accusations of “unconscious” racism, pointing to alleged research that shows an alleged subliminal streak of racism deep within the hearts of us all.