Research Problems Unravel Liberal Narrative Alleging ‘Everyone Is Racist’

Years of sensational coverage has made the ‘implicit bias’ test out to be a foolproof predictor of racist belief. The evidence strongly suggests otherwise.

One of the more pervasive assumptions of modern American society, particularly in my generation, is the notion that “everyone is racist,” “society” has made everyone racist, and—most importantly—much of this racism is “implicit” or “subconscious,” something that isn’t directly observable but nonetheless real.

“They’ve done tests,” people insist. “These tests show that you are more likely to have positive responses towards white faces and negative responses towards black faces. It’s been proven by science. You’re probably racist, too, even if you deny it.”

These “tests” have constituted a critical cornerstone of the modern progressive view of racism: where no actual racial animus can be found, liberals have often resorted to accusations of “unconscious” racism, pointing to alleged research that shows an alleged subliminal streak of racism deep within the hearts of us all.

  • Watchman

    Daniel Payne, in the first linked article, “There is evidence that Zimmerman was a hyper-zealous quasi-vigilante neighborhood watchman that took his volunteer position far too seriously (the killing of Martin being the clearest indicator)…”

    Well, Zimmerman, ‘white hispanic’, obviously not wanting to have his head continue to be pounded into the concrete pavement until he was unconscious or worse, then having his pistol taken from him was taking “his volunteer position far too seriously”.

  • Gary

    Today’s METRO paper hi ta new low. The anti-white racists Black girl that see a racist behind every tree didn’t read the Census Canada data lately.
    For the last 2 years minorities have been jumping for joy because Toronto will soon be a non-white majority city.
    But this low IQ product from jane & finch has now declared that white people can’t see the racism because they are the majority.
    Hmmmm, so when Blacks turn Toronto into a Detroit hell-hole or Chicago with 500+ homicides to mainly blacks and by blacks killer with guns……..they won’t be able to keep blaming whitey when thet problem has always been culture and Low IQ parents producing violent morons that are unemployable.

    The 1992 Yonge street riot by caribbean yutes from welfare moms managed to fool the brain dead white liberals that if they had jobs the riots would stop .
    Now we have the BLM urban terrorists that Wynne wants to appease and if we just stop putting blacks in jail the riots will stop.
    When the successful Blacks with a business don’t even want to hire the punks from the ghettos…’s NOT racism.
    Tell your mother to stop spreading her legs for any loser they drag home to create
    another fatherless brother or sister that’s so angry and of a low IQ that that they are unemployable.

    • Watchman

      Once whites are in the minority, “White Privilege” will morph into a “Legacy of White Privilege”, but everything will remain the same: the blame, the expectation of affirmative action and of reparations.

  • Malcolm Y

    Anyone who is white and not a racist is one of these: stupid, a fool, besotted by religion or dishonest. The dishonest eg Democrat party politicians think they will be able to surf the massive wave of non-whiteness keeping the seething aggrieved masses under their control – what a dream. The “blacks” and their spiritual brethren hiSPanICs and mo’s cultists of death want to ransack the wealth of the US but when that’s gone what? I don’t have a lot of patience with philosophizing or lamenting or predicting our fate; what is needed is an army to create a final solution. I don’t know how to do it and I probably don’t have the skill(s) to do it. I can only hope it happens and take up arms if it does.

    • Millie_Woods

      Once you realize that it doesn’t matter to them what kind of city they live in or if their neighborhood is devolving into a ghetto or that the standard of living is dropping, what matters is getting some new sneakers or bling or blow, it all makes sense. Like a cloud of locusts they strip the landscape and move on to the next green patch. And the buzzing in their heads won’t stop, “whitey’s got it all and he doesn’t want to share”. Liberals think they’re doing the right thing by leveling the field while the left understands the dynamic and uses it to their advantage. The rest of us look on in horror and become peppers.

  • bargogx1

    I knew that supid test was bullshit. It just seemed to me as though it was deliberately designed to return one result no matter what.

  • simus1

    Liberals of the enviro – genocide cult variety are shall we say “caring” sociopath BSers pending the attainment of unfettered absolute rule.

  • mobuyus

    A “Streak of racism deep within the hearts of us all”? So it’s a physical thing now. I can seek restitution from the non white population for having inflicted this physical malady into my heart?