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Exclusive: Almost half of Canadians want illegal border crossers deported

The increasing flow of hundreds of asylum-seekers of African and Middle Eastern origin from the United States in recent months is becoming a contentious issue in Canada.

Although there has been broad bipartisan support for high levels of legal immigration for decades in Canada, Trudeau is under pressure over the flow of the illegal migrants.

He is questioned about it almost every time he appears in parliament, from opponents on the left, who want more asylum-seekers to be allowed in, and critics on the right, who say the migrants pose a potential security risk.

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Police Drag Anti-Mass Migration Campaigner Off Streets for Asking Anti-Islamophobia Protestors Questions

Anti-mass immigration campaigner Tommy Robinson was verbally and physically abused by demonstrators on an anti-Islamophobia march on Saturday, after approaching them and attempting to engage in conversation. Police detained him and ordered him off the streets, saying this was “easier” than “taking on” the aggressive protestors.

YouTube faces social media storm over LGBT-blocking ‘restricted mode’

YouTube says it’s looking into concerns about the company’s current “Restricted Mode” — a voluntary feature aimed at blocking mature or potentially inappropriate material, but which is seemingly indiscriminately filtering out content by and about the LGBT community.

Over the weekend, a host of high-profile LGBT artists and creators — including Canadian musicians Tegan and Sara, YouTube stars Tyler Oakley, Rowan Ellis and Gigi Gorgeous — called out the online video company over the restrictions, a feature the company offers “to help screen out potentially objectionable content that you may prefer not to see or don’t want others in your family to see on YouTube.”

Journalists were assaulted by left-wing protesters at Toronto free speech rally

David Menzies, a journalist with The Rebel and Lauren Southern, an independent journalist, were assaulted on Sunday, March 19, 2017 while covering the protest in support of free speech at Toronto’s Nathan Philips Square.

Left wing protesters who participated in a counter demonstration swarmed Menzies and Southern and pushed them out of their area while chanting “Nazi scums”. In both cases Police officers intervened and separated the journalists from the crowd.

UK and European ISPs Now Blocking Jihad Watch — How You Can Combat Online Censorship

Canada is introducing “measures,” specifically in Quebec, to block illegal gaming sites, which I would bet my last Loony on being leveraged in the same way, as soon as they criminalize “Islamophobia,” a.k.a. any criticism of jihad and the violence and crime that go hand-in-hand with Islam.

So today, some Internet providers just block this and other sites, giving the impression that site is “down,” not available, mockingly suggesting, “please try later.” We will be seeing far more of this, and there is little anyone can do to stop this from being implemented further.

Paris: Migrants And Far Left Join Forces, Throw Molotov Cocktails At Police & Smash Up A Bank

Algerian flags mingled with Antifa banners as migrants and left wing extremists gathered on the streets of Paris to attack police and protest deportations in a “March for Justice and Dignity”.

The event was nominally organised to protest alleged police brutality in the case of an individual identified in the media as Theo — but despite that individual speaking out against the escalating violence in France, marchers used the occasion as an opportunity to bombard police with Molotov cocktails and burning flares in extraordinary scenes on Sunday.

Pro-EU rallies gather thousands in dozens of cities across Europe

Thousands of people have gathered in Germany and some other European countries on Sunday for a weekly rally to support the EU against what they see as a threat of political radicalization and nationalism to European unity.

People waving blue EU flags marched in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and dozens of other locations, according to Associated Press and photos posted on social media.

Philadelphia’s Largest Cinco de Mayo Celebration Canceled in Fear of Immigration Crackdown

The decision to cancel El Carnaval, Ramirez said in an interview Friday, was “sad but responsible” in light of the immigration crackdown by federal authorities.

He said the entire Mexican-American community, both those here legally and those undocumented, are disheartened by reports of large-scale arrests and detainments by officers with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

British Law and Sharia Law

It’s important to talk about the law and to clarify what we mean. If we say “the law” we tend to mean the law of the land. So if I’m in Britain and I say “the law”, I mean British Law, the law that governs Britain.

Upon questioning about the presence of sharia law in the UK, the government response has essentially been that there is no sharia law in the UK. What this means is that because sharia law does not have the weight of state behind it, i.e. the state does not enforce sharia law, there is no sharia law. But there is.

Large march in Paris caps off international weekend of anti-racism

Over 10,000 people demonstrated in Paris yesterday, Sunday, against racism and police violence. The “March for Justice and Dignity” was called by the families of victims of police violence, who are overwhelmingly from black and Arab backgrounds.

Parties of the left also joined the march, as well as trade unions and dozens of local anti-racist and pro-migrant organisations.

Protest in front of CBC building: “CBC is fake news”

Equipped with signs featuring statements made by Canadian imams on wife beating and killing the non-Muslims, the protesters walked through Bay Street to CBC building at Front Street where they chanted the slogans “CBC – fake news” and “defund CBC”.

Muslim woman called “Nazi scum” by leftists

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  • Is that enough eggs?

    • BillyHW

      Does anyone know where you can get pasteurized whole eggs in Canada? Who carries them?

      • El Martyachi

        Dunno offhand but maybe start looking for pasteurized hens.

    • jayme

      I haven’t had breakfast, I’m out of eggs and … dammit, if it doesn’t look like toast and jam this morning! I’m going grocery shopping after work ….

    • There are eggs and there are eggs.

      • Brett_McS

        That’s not an egg. This is …. Oh. No, that’s an egg.

    • Dave

      Are you sure Liberal MP Arif Virani isn’t one of them?

      He helped found the South Asian Community Legal Clinic (completely funded with tax dollars) whose main issue is helping illegal immigrants, plus human rights claims against employers.

  • BillyHW

    Cinco de Mayo was cancelled because every day is now the 25th of December and it just wouldn’t make sense to go on with it.

  • jayme

    After procrastinating for months, I read the jihad watch article and finally decided to buy the protection of a VPN. I chose ExpressVPN – kind of pricy but really intuitive to use and fast (so far). Anyway, pleased so far, as I said. Here is a little comparative list that I Binged (I won’t touch Google anymore) to help me decide:

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Why didn’t you use this instead, a link also provided in the same Jihad Watch article? [copy and paste and press enter to activate link in URL bar]

  • El Martyachi


  • tom_billesley

    Rise in number of acid attacks in Iran against unveiled women.
    Rise in number of acid attacks in London. Almost a third of the attacks were carried out in the Borough of Newham and that victims are twice as likely to be male than female. Newham has a high mahometan count.

  • tom_billesley

    Rapist moved to women’s jail after sex change. Jessica Winfield was formerly known as Martin Ponting.
    Another prisoner John Pilley, also known as Jane Anne, made legal history in 1999 when he became the first inmate in England and Wales to be granted permission for a sex change operation. Pilley was serving life for attempted murder and kidnapping a woman taxi driver.
    It was later reported he decided to become a man again and was waiting to have his second operation on the NHS.

    Muslim convert George Clark has lost a lengthy legal battle after he claimed conditions to be imposed on him when he is freed are too strict and would leave him “frustrated” and limit his chances of being successfully rehabilitated.
    The 56-year-old – who changed his name to Yousef Ansari after converting to Islam in 2001 – is serving a life sentence for rape. He complained that staff from Aberdeen City Council constantly monitored him during day trips from prison and that “unnecessary” licence restrictions were being imposed on him. These include not having any contact – directly or indirectly – with any female…

    Imprisoned rapists getting sex change operations (and reversal) using taxpayer’s money, and an imprisoned rapist converting to Islam. I suppose it’s unlikely that a prisoner would convert to Islam and become a woman.

    • Watchman

      “ I suppose it’s unlikely that a prisoner would convert to Islam and become a woman.”
      Sado-Masochism in the same person at the same time, covering both extremes?

  • Brett_McS

    Bit of good new from Oz: The Federal government has finally gutted the anti-free speech section 18C of the racial discrimination act – something that it has been dragging its feet on for too long. The case that brought this legislation to public notice (and ridicule, especially by the late, great Bill Leaks) was the ridiculous persecution of a couple of students at QUT (Queensland University of Technology). They won their case, but as in much of this thing it is the process that is the punishment.

    • Watchman

      Bad news: “Malcolm Turnbull [Australia’s Prime Minister] has struck a compromise deal for historic changes to section 18C of the ­Racial Discrimination Act that is expected to retain the offences of humiliate and intimidate on the grounds of race, but abolish “insult” and “offend” in favour of a new higher test of “harass”.”

      Those who want to punish will now just claim they felt “humiliated, intimidated, and harassed”. Since there is still no objective standard, nor even a sanity test for whether “a reasonable person” would felt “humiliated and intimidated,” Section 18C still remains a virulent tool of intimidation.

      Australia’s Section 18C must be removed altogether, and their Human Rights Council dissolved.

      • Brett_McS

        It sounds like not much difference, but it is effectively removing the ridiculously subjective element of the section. Harass is an objective legal principle.

        Of course it must be removed, but this is a significant step forward in that process.

  • ontario john

    The media is reporting that a record breaking number of future Liberal Party voters, illegally crossed over into Manitoba on the weekend. No word yet on whether feminist Trudeau will start shuttle bus service for future border crossings, or install an asphalt sidewalk.

  • ontario john

    The Toronto Star editorial today, is demanding that the government give an apology to Canada’s favorite terrorist, Omar Khadr. Yes, after he has already gone through an expensive 19 hour surgery because of his brave attacks on American soldiers(which taxpayers paid for), The Star feels he needs an apology from feminist Trudeau and millions in compensation.

  • Maxsteele

    The well spoken, articulate, intelligent, Canadian young lady needs to go on a speaking tour of Canadian Universities and watch progressive, brain washed, students heads explode. Menzoid did not ask the most important question, which is, why do you feel the need to cover your face and hide your identity as a Canadian? I would bet it is because she is afraid of the backlash from the Islamic community and perhaps a future Fatwa on her life.

  • mauser 98

    Mexico never heard of Cinco de Mayo
    …same as Kwanza…fake holiday

  • Watchman

    Wishful thinking: Paris’s “March for Justice and Dignity” to be countered by a police and military “Free Fire Zone for Law and Order”. Throwing molotov cocktails at police is attempted murder, and merits lethal defensive response, “until the target is down and no longer a threat”.