College Student Charged After Assaulting A Basketball Player For “Culturally Appropriating” A Hairstyle

Carmen Figueroa, a student at Hampshire College in Massachusetts, has pleaded not guilty to various charges of assault and battery stemming from a January 27 incident where she accused members of Central Maine Community College’s women’s basketball team of “culturally appropriating” their braided hairstyles. When the CMCC players did not remove the braids from their hair, Figueroa and another Hampshire student then proceeded to pull the hair of one of the players, started a fight, and stomped on a player who had been knocked to the ground. Figueroa also allegedly grabbed a CMCC player by the head and threw her to the ground before coaches broke up the fight.

  • ed

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  • tom_billesley

    Will Malia Obama get beaten up at Harvard for her culturally appropriated straightened hair?

    • Hard Little Machine

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  • Hard Little Machine

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  • Malcolm Y

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