Black Zionist Leader: Despite Anti-Israel Movement Efforts, Vast Majority of African Americans Support Jewish State

A black Christian Zionist leader told The Algemeiner Friday that, “despite the anti-Israel movement’s best efforts, the vast majority of the African American community support the Jewish state.”

Dumisani Washington — senior pastor for California’s Congregation of Zion, founder of the Institute of Black Solidarity with Israel and diversity outreach coordinator with Christians United for Israel — was responding to endeavors such as Black History Month in February, during which anti-Israel Palestinian activism was highlighted at college campuses throughout the country.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Christians Yes, the others not to much.

  • Ed

    “…What does ‘Western culture’ mean anyway?”

    That is the battle of our time. The left is attempting a “Ctrl Alt Del” of the past, in order to more easily set out a new course.