Trump: Elizabeth Warren Running In 2020 “Would Be A Dream Come True”

“I think she hurt Hillary Clinton very badly,” Trump said. “I watched those speeches – the anger, the hatred, in her heart – and I said, ‘Ya know, she’s really bad for Hillary.'”

“Pocahontas would not be proud of her as her representative, believe me,” Trump continued, resurfacing his campaign trail nickname for the Democratic senator.

  • Shebel

    So– do you like my Pussy?

    • BillyHW

      Not if it’s voting.

      • David Murrell

        Pass legislation to strip BillyHW of the right to vote.

  • BillyHW

    They took the whole Cherokee Nation, and put them on this reservation.

  • Shebel
  • Shebel

    I am so fucking sick and tired of hearing about the Syrians.
    I will never understand why the Natives don’t speak up.
    You do know that you are treated like shit.
    Would you like a voice ?

    Visit the

  • Shebel

    Sorry–I didn’t ask permission .

  • Shebel

    The first thing I see is asking for money.
    Do you want the Native side ?
    They are a very amazing people.

  • Shebel

    Did you ever notice that Native beliefs– are very close to Jesus.
    Too bad that we had to destroy them.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Democrats have abandoned electoral politics and are going straight for violent revolution.

  • Gary

    Wow, blue eyed native American. All of my fathers relatives have dark hair and dark eyes , but while my Mother is white……I’m the only child with dark eyes like my father while the rest of my Brothers and Sisters have our Mother blue eyes .
    When the USA was official formed in 1787 , Vermont became a State in 1791 which caused a problem for the local natives. It was revenge time because natives across the US didn’t always back the winners in several of local battles or the wars against the French or British.
    The 1794 Jay Treaty ( brief 411 ) helped solve the Commerce issue for natives crossing the border. But the soft genocide to natives forced my fathers people to flee into Quebec . The powers at the time had told the natives that there would be a Census to record those that would benefit by any Federal or State money and services.
    Well, that’s what they said but in practice the native women were tracked down to sterilize so the Vermont natives would be wipe out in 100 years . The males don’t lose the native status for marrying outside the tribe but the latest issue for Vermont is that redress or native status Rights apply to people that are whiter than many local Americans of European background or the French and English.
    The natives that fled to Quebec still live a walking distance from the border while my fathers family and others still work the farms . The area had a population of 2200 back in the late 1960’s when we visited he relatives , today the Census records show just over 2500 people as a tourism or farming community .

    My problem today is that the USA will issue me a Native American card for travel across the the borders and go to schools or work without a Green card.
    But the 1st nation people in canada don’t recognize the Vermont Indians for entering after they did , so I can’t get the Canadian certificate of native status so the US will process my papers.
    Vermont didn’t keep records on natives because they weren’t registered in the Churches or included in the cemetery records run by Churches pre 1791 . There aren’t any Tribes or Bands in that area of Quebecs borders because native had broke up into small groups to avoid a cross-border raid to slaughter them all in one spot .
    They also had groups settle in the areas with lots of trees because the Americans weren’t skilled at going through the forests in the dark or even in daylight .

    So my fathers people don’t have Status in Canada but now have trouble getting status in Vermont .
    The irony lost on the media is that Warren got away with her lies to benefit as a native for a spot in school , yet Vermont’s border is walking distance from my fathers home in his youth where his people had dual citizenship by treaty and freely crossed over because the guards knew them as the locals on foot .
    The family plot has the early deaths after about 1800 , but the local Cemetery has the headstones that trace my father back to the Vermont exit era where his relatives are still buried no matter where they die in canada .
    So , if i had blue eyes and was a Liberal that voted democrat , I could just LIE and make up a story about a photo of my great grandpa Swift Bear or 2-Feathers and I have my US Native Card.
    I don’t want islam in Canada because I have seen what it does to the Natives of every nation it goes to …. they wipe them out and claim it for allah and the caliphate as we seen for Egypt , Syria, Iraq , Lebanon , and Arabia .

  • Clausewitz

    Even if you take away the faux Indian bull shit, she’s further left in her political views than Bernie Sanders. Please, please, please, Dem’s nominate her. I want to see the death of the Democrat party before I die.