Palestinians: Abbas’s Empty Promises

On the eve of US envoy Jason Greenblatt’s visit to Ramallah last week, hundreds of Palestinians demonstrated in the city, calling on Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas to resign. The protesters also condemned the ongoing security cooperation between the PA and Israel.

“Listen, listen to us, Abbas; collect your dogs and leave us alone,” the Palestinian protesters chanted during what has been described as the largest anti-Abbas demonstration in Ramallah in recent years. They also called for the abrogation of the Oslo Accords with Israel, and denounced Abbas as a “coward” and an agent of the Americans.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    “abrogation of the Oslo Accords with Israel, ”
    Wow! I actually agree with this rabble. Israel should abrogate all agreements with the Arabs and come down on the invented people with an iron fist. Take back all the land that was ceded for peace that never happened.

    • Art Deco

      Israel retained the land that was useful for security purposes (the Golan Heights and the strip along the Jordan River – neither of which have many Arabs resident). They’ve got the associated landholdings of Jewish settlements and they’ve got the eastern half of greater Jerusalem. What they do not have are thickly populated Arab towns and villages. There’s only modest amounts of economic activity going on there and they’re a security headache. Much better to build a cordon sanitaire around them than to try to govern them.

      • Alain

        You assume that the Arabs who refuse to live in peace would be allowed to remain in Israel should Israel make these areas an integral part of Israel. Something Israel should have done long ago. So rather than build “a cordon sanitaire” around them, Israel would be within its rights to deport them.

        • Art Deco

          Where are you planning to send this seven-digit population of Arabs? About 50% of Jordan’s population favors the Levantine vernacular, but Jordan’s not a troublesome country and it has a peace treaty with Israel. Lebanon’s relations with Israel have a long history of incorporating a certain practical cordiality. No clue why you’d try to ruin the life of Lebanon’s Christians (or Lebanon’s shi’ites) by stuffing this troublesome population down their throats. Egypt might actually have the military wherewithal to resist if you tried to frog-march 3 million Syrian Arabs over the border.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        Oslo II (1995) divided the West Bank into Areas A,B and C. Area C, the largest area of land, has a Jewish majority and Israel would happily annex it should the Arabs abrogate Oslo. The “Palestinians” survive as an entity due to the world’s anti-Semites. Should Trump call Abbas’s bluff, which is happening at the UN, the house of cards should collapse in short order.

  • Art Deco

    The database Polling the Nations one (and may still) incorporate a series of surveys of Arab countries (and the West Bank cum Gaza) on various questions between 2003 and 2008. The ones of the West Bank and Gaza made depressing reading. North of 35% of the Arab population defined a ‘solution’ as being the dissolution of Israel and stated they would accept nothing less. Another 30% did not require that. They said instead that the ‘right of return’ was non-negotiable. You do not insist on these things unless you’re in a position to dictate terms or you are seriously deluded. Thats the matrix within which Abbas works, and it will constrain him from doing much of anything (even if there were anything he wanted to accomplish other than lining his pockets).

    • So long as there is Islam there will not be peace.

      • Art Deco

        Peace with whom and between whom? You don’t have violent conflict within most muslim countries or between most such countries and their neighbors. Pakistan, Afganistan, Iran, components of Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Libya, the West Bank, Gaza, the Sudan, Somalia, selected provinces of Nigeria, and (latently) Egypt are problematic in one way or another. Even within that set, your trouble is commonly limited to certain paramilitaries. As recently as 1975, you did not have abnormal quanta of friction between Muslim countries and the West. It’s a recurring problem, not a constant one.

  • The Butterfly

    President. Like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

  • Kellman Amos

    Let’s get this straight. There is no such place as “palestine” and there are no “palestinians”. There are a bunch of hate-filled arabs living on an Israeli territory called Gaza. These arabs don’t want anything other than to kill Israelis and they should be expelled from that area back to their cesspits in Jordan, Syria and Egypt (who don’t want that trash either). Let’s put an end to this BS and start putting the islamics behind high walls so they can kill each other off and the rest of the world can enjoy the benefits if civilization.

  • UCSPanther

    Things have not being going well for the Palestinian cause since the fall of the Soviet Empire and the death of Yasser Arafat.

    Being a corrupt terror state is no recipe for long term existence…

    • John Boy

      He and his regime just aren’t murderous enough for many of the fakestanian Arabs.