Mexico Asserts A ‘Human Right’ To Be An Illegal

The head of Mexico’s governors’ association will lodge a complaint with the Organization of American States Saturday accusing President Trump of human rights violations, demanding the OAS help ensure protections for migrants facing raids or deportation from the U.S.

  • Ed

    Such positions invite interest in Mexico’s own policies…

    • And they are astoundingly harsh.

      • Editor

        Yes. I wonder if this new found interest in human rights will apply to Hondurans, Salvadorans or Guatemalans currently in Mexico illegally.

    • Watchman

      Western countries like the USA, Canada, Britain, and Australia care about being seen as hypocritical. Obviously Mexico is of those others who do not.

      It seems that Mexico is so afraid about the possibility that the USA might stop being a huge source of income via remittances, as well as ceasing to be a safety valve for people who otherwise might be agitating for a less corrupt and stronger Mexico, that it is willing to do almost anything to try to keep exporting illegal migrants to Mexico.

    • V10_Rob


      Trump should announce he’s willing to relent and compromise on the subject of immigration, at least viz a viz Mexico. After extensive discussions with the Mexican government, Trump says, he concedes that they are completely right and he stands humbly corrected. As such, America will not badger them with negotiations, but will instead fully acknowledge their past mistakes by immediately moving to adopt immigration laws that mirror Mexico’s own.

      Can you imagine the acrobatics needed to argue against this?

    • Clausewitz

      Quick point, Mexican’s are a national identity, not a race.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Again, screw the wall and build a minefield.

  • Alain

    Hello Mexico. The day you practise open borders for any and all will only be the time when you have any credibility to criticise any country which has border control. Until then, we really don’t care what you say or what you think.

    • Editor

      We see the self-interest and hypocrisy of your position, and then don’t care what you say or think.