Marine Le Pen hopes to break glass ceiling in unprecedented French presidential TV debate

Marine Le Pen will on Monday night seek to break the glass ceiling in polls currently predicting she stands virtually no chance of becoming France’s next president, as the five main candidates spar in an unprecedented televised debate.

While the rivals have been on the road for weeks, the consensus is that France’s presidential race starts proper when millions tune in on Monday night at 8.30pm local time to the first of three marathon debates.

  • Martin B

    Knock ’em dead Marine!

  • Art Deco

    I’ll wish her and M. Fillion well. The current favorite is Emmanuel Macron, who would be plain awful.

  • Sunshine

    If she can master the economic issue, she’ll come out on top. That’s how Trump won, he had an economic plan.

    • She does, I think.

    • Solo712

      She is quite a “socialist” when it comes to economic issues. That is not her problem. The reason, I think, she will likely lose the presidential runoff in May is the same as for Wilders. She is upsetting the apple-cart and in Europe, unlike the US, the elites have the welfare state as a powerful argument. They are the providers and portray Marine succesfully as a threat to a prosperous social order, and her accession as a recipe for civil disorder. It’s a bum rap but it will play a huge role in the elections. This is why ISIS is lying low.

      • Sunshine

        France is a socialist country. Where there are loads of labor unions, there is economic trouble. Sadly, Macron will win. He reminds me of Justin.
        It all comes down to two factors in the final round:
        1. Many of Fillon’s fans will vote for Macron; this is why Fillon remained in the race despite his legal problems and knowing he has no chance of winning. The splitter strategy for the first round to prevent Marine from the 50% first round.
        2. The number of voters that will not vote, aka stay home.

        • Art Deco

          He’s nothing like Justin. He’s a member of France’s hyper-educated book smart civil service elite. The problem is he’s a Europhile, and, like you’d expect of someone with his background, favors transfer of power away from elected officials and to people much like himself (in Brussels). He’s also very bent in matters sexual / amatory. The young people over here occasionally use the expression MILF. He married the bloody MILF and somehow the MILF avoided being terminated from her job even though his parents knew of the affair and arranged to have him sent away to school to keep the two of them apart (he was 17, she was 41 and one of his school teachers). He has step-children who are contemporaries.

          • Sunshine

            When I say Justin, I mean he is only a facade, a pretty image for those really pulling the strings behind the curtain.
            He has no grasp of the issues as confirmed today during the debate. He answers with many words that go nowhere. He seems clueless. Also, his answers seem scripted, just like Justin.
            I think Marine won the debate. She clobbered Macron in the last segment. She made him seem as the little boy lost.
            Melenchon rambled on and on… very tedious.

  • LairdKintyre

    We, the Men of the West are with you Marine. All of Western Civilization is on your side. God grant you the strength to save France.

  • Her chances of winning will be greatly increased if there is another big Arab terrorist act like the Charlie Hebdo / Hypercacher episode just before the election. Isis no doubt want to do it, while the Hollande gov’t is no doubt doing its very best to pre-empt such a thing.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Prayers, prayers, prayers, for Marine.