Islamophobia! Muslim arrested after threatened shooting at London Muslim Mosque

A 24-year-old Muslim man was in police custody Sunday after a threatened shooting at the London Muslim Mosque.

The mosque was disrupted after noon prayers by a man whom police say uttered threats when asked to leave.

“Shortly after 1:30 p.m. we received 911 calls from members of the London Mosque indicating there was a male there who had threatened to shoot members of the mosque,” said Staff Sgt. Ryan Scrivens.

“It was of extreme concern. We dispatched multiple officers who arrived there shortly therafter and we were able to arrest a man.”

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  • andycanuck

    I knew it. There was something in the City TV news-crawl that seemed like they were omitting something very important so the first thing I said to myself about it was “I bet it was a Moslem.”

    Ta-da! I knew I should have picked me some lottery numbers today. 🙁

    • WalterBannon

      When in doubt, the media is always lying one way or another.

  • WalterBannon


  • ntt1

    Yes hamophobia is at the root of much of this

  • Ho Hum

    Of course the CBC fail to mention the man is Muslim – nor do they mention his name which I am sure they have. This story will be used as evidence of “growing Islamaphobia”

    • You bet!

    • Watchman

      Even if you point out that the alleged perpetrator was muslim, the progressives and MSM will still spin it as “in a society with rising tensions caused by islamophobia and discrimination”. If you ask for proof, you will be told that this discrimination is “structural discrimination” and is so insidious and subtle that it is undetectable and only its results can be seen.

    • bargogx1

      And of course no comments allowed in case anyone wants to set things straight.

  • moraywatson

    London Free Press reports as per London Police that the arrested culprit is MUSLIM. Although the culprit uttered DEATH THREATS IN A MOSQUE, no charges have been laid.

    Neither CBC News nor Global News report that the culprit is muslim.

    While Police aren’t sure of the culprit’s motivations, ‘sources close to mosque’ dismissed any suggestion of racist or religious violence. How handy. We are repeatedly told that muslims are the greatest victims of Islamic terror, but when a MUSLIM issues death threats in a mosque, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM!!!!!?????

    The culprit was a pushy sort apparently. Making continual ‘asks’ for things that advanced to ‘asks’ for money. When refuted he threatened to return to the mosque to shoot mosque members. How quaint, those ‘asks’.

    Here’s what I think. Perhaps the young muslim man is a GOOD muslim, perhaps new to London as a refugee, or maybe a local convert. Maybe he fancies himself as the kind of good muslim who understands his obligation to jihad, and ‘asks’ the London Muslim Mosque to assist him in his endeavours by supporting the mujahedeen financially, since the sharia requires one-eighth of the zakat to go towards support of the jihadi warriors.

    Perhaps the young muslim culprit interprets the mosque’s refusal to give him money as being an act of apostasy, which he sees as per the sharia as being an offence for which the penalty is death. Thus the DEATH THREATS.

    The mosque meanwhile plays taqqiya with us, pretending that there is no religious or hate motivation here, because everyone is a MUSLIM.


    PS Any word on the status of the Quebec mosque incident, and the motivation of the killer. Any word on the status of the Peterborough mosque arson investigation.

    • It’s because it would be Islamophobic!

      • ontario john

        Meanwhile the media is excited about the finance minister trying on his new budget shoes with a group of school children. Of course the little girls all had bags over their heads. Because when you think children in Canada, you think islam.

  • canminuteman

    The police should have let him get on with it.

  • bargogx1

    The media, the Left, and probably even the police must have been so disappointed.