Indonesia’s masked Sharia law ‘enforcers’ administer agonising lashings

Terrified locals have been violently lashed by Sharia law ‘enforcers’ for spending time with people who are not their wives or husbands in Indonesia.

The public caning, which took place in Banda Aceh province, saw several citizens whipped in front of a huge crowd.

Masked enforcers carried out the punishments as part of their duties as algojo, which translated from Indonesian means ‘the executioner’ and the person responsible for carrying out the death penalty.

  • ontario john

    Aren’t you glad feminist Trudeau gave millions in aid development to that Islamic shithole.

  • doowleb

    Trudeau’s a feminist in a ‘jack the ripper’ kind of way.

  • RottyLover

    Which is why I said that tsunami didn’t do enough damage.

  • Art Deco

    That’s in the Province of Aceh, where the use of Sharia law has a constituency. The vast majority of Indonesian muslims are lax and given to syncretism.

    I’m not sure what’s wrong with using corporal punishments (the cane, the birch, the pillory-and-stocks).

    You don’t like the substance of local law. It’s not your country and in both Malaysia and parts of Indonesia, young men and young women who are neither married nor related simply do not spend time alone with each other. To do so is transgressive.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Yes but the shit heads whould love to have it here,and they are pushing with the help of pm shithead and the lieberals along with other pols trolling for votes.

      • Art Deco

        If you’re concerned about ‘here’, why are you posting about something which happened on Sumatra?

  • Gary

    Muslims and Imams no longer have a Muslim nation to hold up as an example of a moderate peaceful society.
    The 56 OIC’s are become more devout and more violent because that’s how the quran works as it lures you in with a veneer of Peace but under it is a toxic pill they trick you into eating so it poisons the blood to kill you from within.
    Once you know you are going to die, it make martyrdom look good to please allah .