How pandering PC Labour councillors helped create the UK’s jihadi breeding ground

…‘I think I’m the last [non-Muslim] business left,’ said father-of two Mr Mills, 54. ‘I don’t think I know of any others.’

Meanwhile, in nearby Fallows Road, Kevin Jones, a painter and decorator, represents the last vestiges of the old working class. He has lived in the street for the past 30 years.

‘Someone once asked me why I was still here. I told him I’d always been here. My wife has always been here. We brought up our four children in this house. Why should I move?’

He remembers, like it was yesterday, the time 17 years ago when he was working in a house further up the road. Suddenly, the police were everywhere. Mr Jones watched from a window as they stormed a property directly opposite. Later, a young Muslim man was arrested at the scene. The man was the infamous bomb-maker Moinal Abedin.