Guy wearing Trump hat sues bar for refusing to serve him

Bartenders at a West Village hot spot served up discrimination — with a liberal twist — refusing to serve a customer because he was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, according to a lawsuit.

  • jayme

    How is this different than Christian bakeries not wanting to bake a cake for a gay couple? I know they were forced to but I think that most conservatives believe that they shouldn’t have been; similarly, if they want to refuse his business based on his politics, so be it – go somewhere else.

    • It’s very different. First of all the guy wearing the Trump hat is not trying to contract the bar to CATER or participate in a Trump event. Instead they are refusing to serve the guy, period. It would be the equivalent of a Christian bakery saying: “We will not serve homosexuals, period”. The latter has never in fact happened and never will happen with Christians, and it would be a clear case of discrimination — which it is in fact in the case of the bar.

      • jayme

        Good points.

      • KillerMarmot

        There are some things that people may not discriminate on — e.g., race and religion. Political disposition, however, is not one of these.

        • So if Ambulance paramedics find a Trump supporter in a MAGA hat bleeding to death in the street, they are allowed to refuse him service if they happen to be Democrat?

          Methinks “freedom of conscience” (i.e. political conscience) is also constitutionally protected.

          • KillerMarmot

            1. The analogy does not apply. Emergency services are not on par with serving someone in a bar. Bars refuse service to all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons.

            2. Freedom of conscience is not mentioned in the American constitution. If it were, it would be a limitation on government (such as “Congress shall make no law”), not on private citizens or businesses.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Remember when Reagan got shot and he said I hope you guys are Republicans before he went into surgery and the doctors said we are all Republicans today Mr. President.
            Probably the last decent thing I heard a Democrat say.

  • I hope its millions.

  • Hard Little Machine

    And me w/o my “Fuck you nigger faggots” hat.

  • KillerMarmot

    As sympathetic as I am towards Piatek, it’s not clear to me what tort was committed. The story never made that clear.

    The best solution is for conservatives — and everyone who believes that we should have some tolerance towards those with differing political beliefs — to avoid the bar. Let others pay $15 / drink.

  • This man does not have to frequent that bar no more than the bartender has to serve him.

    The offended man also does not have to return with his friends.