Evening photos

(1) Herbert Lake (Banff, Alberta) by Perry Hoag

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(2) White wood by Park Seo Jin

(3) Classic Red Flume Covered Bridge (Franconia Notch, New Hampshire) by Thomas Schoeller Photography

(4) Sunset: Lago di Misurina (Italy) by Martin Edling

(5) Winter Dawn (Oudemolen, The Netherlands) by Bas Meelker

(6) Autumn afternoon (Cimarron Ridge, Colorado) by Danilo Faria

(7) Frosty morning (Okanagan, BC) by Tara Turner

(8) Princes Street Gardens (Edinburgh, Scotland) by Oscar F. Hevia

(9) Poppy Field (England) by Moira Swift

(10) Skiing (no location given) by Vic Perri

(11) Stars and aurora (Finland) by Lauri Lohi

(12) Autumn scene (Russia) by Alex Semenov

(13) Winter in the country (Ririe, Idaho) by James Neeley

(14) Eden Woods (Germany) by Stefan Hefele

(15) Mount Crowfoot (Banff, Alberta) by Edward Marcinek

(16) Breaking waves (South Korea) by Tiger Seo

(17) Sunset (Loch Ness, Scotland) by Frank Wiegand

(18) Victorian House (Sussex, England) by Tim Stocker

(19) Church on San Juan de Gaztelugatxe Island (Basque country, Spain) by WilsonAxpe/Scott Wilson

(20) Early snow on autumn trees [Reverse image search finds nothing on location or photographer]


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