BREAKING NEWS SWEDEN: Riotous conditions in Trollhättan – gangs of youths shooting fireworks at guards & burning tires

Unrest broke out on Sunday evening in Kronogården in Trollhättan. Most young people should have fired rockets toward including guardians and some 30 police officers are allowed to go to the district. According to police, the situation had calmed down at 22 o’clock.

– There are young people who are firing rockets and fires of tires, said Joakim Hansson at the police control, to Swedish Television News during the evening.

The disturbances occurred around the Kronogården, and in particular at Chronograph Farm square. According to the police, it has moved on around 30 young people.

– It started with social unrest among young people and then they fired rockets at security guards, says Göran Carlbom, duty officer at the police’s Western Region.

“Young people” – they will never admit what they have allowed into their midst: foreign invaders hellbent on taking over.