BREAKING NEWS SWEDEN: Riotous conditions in Trollhättan – gangs of youths shooting fireworks at guards & burning tires

Unrest broke out on Sunday evening in Kronogården in Trollhättan. Most young people should have fired rockets toward including guardians and some 30 police officers are allowed to go to the district. According to police, the situation had calmed down at 22 o’clock.

– There are young people who are firing rockets and fires of tires, said Joakim Hansson at the police control, to Swedish Television News during the evening.

The disturbances occurred around the Kronogården, and in particular at Chronograph Farm square. According to the police, it has moved on around 30 young people.

– It started with social unrest among young people and then they fired rockets at security guards, says Göran Carlbom, duty officer at the police’s Western Region.

“Young people” – they will never admit what they have allowed into their midst: foreign invaders hellbent on taking over.

  • k2

    Young people” – they will never admit what they have allowed into their midst: foreign invaders hellbent on taking over.

    That was my first thought too: “we’re right and dammit, we’ll be right and true to our beliefs (right up to when it’s our turn to face the knife). Human capacity for arrogance, self-enforced blindness and inflexibility and, frankly, sheer stupidity, cannot be overstated.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Thank goodness that multiculturalism has invigorated the old tired Sweden that had so little real culture like most of the West.

  • “they will never admit what they have allowed into their midst: foreign invaders hellbent on taking over.” – they will have to admit it when the trogs actually break into their cushy government offices or parliament or their private homes, and destroy everything, and then cut a few of their throats. Too late then, of course.

  • lgeubank

    Gangs of youths — refugees– riot against authority. Refugees are touchy!

  • NoPasaran

    Do “non youths” ever riot?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Trollhattan? Must be those Trolls.

  • Gary

    So Global warming and pollution was a crisis for Obama but Tire burning muslim youths and BLM terrorist is just fine as well as ISIS torching oil truck or oil storage areas.

  • Editor

    The “moral superpower” feminist government has yet to comment on the nature of the disturbances. Any moment now . . . Oh, I’m sorry, I’m told Stefan Löfven is nowhere to be found, Margot Wallström is putting her foot in her mouth, Isabella Lövin is taking staged, virtue signaling photos to insult President Trump and Ylva Johansson is busy lying to the BBC.

  • Gary

    Off topic but a radio show had a Lawyer on that is now part of Omar Khard’s law suit because Harper didn’t bail him out of GITMO fast enough and his 6 month delay caused more harm.
    Seems like the 640 AM radio host Supriya Dwivedi refused to mention that JEAN CHRETEIN was the PM when Omar was sent to GITMO and was left there until Harper was elected in 2006 and THEN the CBC and CUPE cared about little Omar.
    I’m amazed how the young people think that there is some magic money machine at the Government Offices where people can just keep suing Canada as if it will never cost THEM anything one day in the future.
    They want free college , better welfare, cheap housing and on and on as well as taking in millions of migrants .

    Omar should sue jean Chretein , but since Trudeau is an islamophile and Liberals are now pushing the islamophobia myth…..Omar’s lawyer knows that Trudeau will give Khadr bags on money to get more votes from the pro-sharia islamists in Canada .