10,000 Hungarian soldiers and police have been activated to push Muslim migrants out of the country and allow no more in

While most European countries continue to allow unlimited numbers of Muslim refugees to cross their borders seeking asylum, one country has activated an army of 10,000 soldiers and police to push the asylum-seekers out and prevent more from coming in.

According to BBC News, massive security operation, involving up to 10,000 police and soldiers, is under way along Hungary’s southern border with Serbia, to keep out migrants and refugees.

  • Shebel

    Good Job !!!!.

  • This is the way to go. All Europe must do the same: mercilessly round the Muslims up and throw them out, and never let them in again. The episode with Erdogan trying to force Europe to do his bidding, and rousing the Turkish population of Europe to push things in his favor – this is illustrative of what is to come if Europeans do not react now and throw Muslims out, while they still can.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      It’s not only the immigrants but their children, and even grand children.
      All Turkish, African, and M.E. immigrants that have been admitted in since 1963 should be on buses back to their respective countries and if their countries will not take them back, they get interned indefinitely.
      None of them can stay.

      • Erdogan said in a speech last week to his fellow Turks residing in Europe: “you are the future of Europe” – meaning you will end up taking it over. Their goal of conquest is clear.

        Regarding what you said, “if their countries will not take them back, they get interned indefinitely,” I would say rather that in the case of such leftover people, a piece of land in North Africa or in the Asian Mid-East should be conquered, and these stateless people resettled there. They should not be left in Europe at all.

    • Carol Chisumvii

      I agree.

  • just_one_ Sewer Rat_guy

    Canada, are you listening?

  • moraywatson

    Any chance that Hungary will accept Canadian refugees?

    • Katalin Anita Szabó Fatyol

      They welcoming skilled peoples, and extremely beautiful country with really good food. Actually lot of Germans got there, and other European nationalities who enough with migrants.