Turkey brands Germany ‘HYPOCRITES’ for allowing huge anti-Erdogan PROTEST in Frankfurt

Ahead of the Kurdish new year, some 30,000 demonstrators from across Germany gathered to demand democracy and a No vote in Turkey’s referendum on increasing presidential powers next month.

Many protesters carried symbols of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is considered by Turkey to be a terrorist organisation.

  • If the Kurds conquered Turkey, the could rename the whole country Turdistan. Come to think of it – include Syria, Iraq….

  • Shebel

    I brand Muslims as “Hypocrites” for—
    Pretending to be ‘Peaceful’.

  • stubb

    What’s hypocritical about realizing that Erdogan sucks?

  • UCSPanther

    I am hoping one day Erdogan gets cornered in a bunker underneath Instanbul, and takes the initiative to put a .32 bullet in his head like Der Fuhrer did about 70 years ago…

  • canminuteman

    The Turks would be right. Germany wouldn’t have this problem if they didn’t make the choice to replace their sons who died in WW11 with a foreign invader.

    • Watchman

      World War 11 might well be the last war on Earth, between the last two humans left on Earth: Sunni vs Shia. Afterwards there might be a final peace in the (now) muslim world.

      Oh, … you meant WW2, or WWII. My bad. 😉

      • Slickfoot

        Understandable mistake.

  • Bill Smith

    It’s not hypocrisy, we all just oppose Erdogan. And for good reason.

    • Watchman

      Conservatives should use this example to prove that despite at least two generations of Turkish immigration has not made them Germans with a primary loyalty to Germany, as the multiculturalists keep claiming they would.