Quebec: Imam says Islamic ruling on slave-girls was not abrogated

Dr. Ewis El Nagar (عويس النجار), the head of the Islamic Edicts Committee (لجنة الفتوى) of Quebec Council of Imams (Conseil des Imams Québec) who also serves as the Imam leader of Dawah (outreach, “call to Islam”) at the Canadian Islamic Centre in Montreal, says that the Islamic ruling on marrying slave women/ girls was not abrogated and it is applicable when the legitimate jihad is launched against the disbelievers.

    • Muslims and their Western liberal friends should be so proud.

  • PaulW

    This is standard Islamic teaching, and its the first I had heard that anyone had claimed that these verses had been abrogated. They were from the war period, meaning newer ones (that took precedent over older verses) and were invented to justify the rape and forced marriage of women whose husbands the barbarian “prophet” was in the process of murdering. Standard fare from the religion of peace, straight from the enlightened, civilized 7th century Arabian peninsula, preserved in all its moral and intellectual glory for progressive morons in Canada eager to consume its wisdom.

    • Watchman

      Muslim scholars believe the world is divided into two parts, the one under Shari’a law called Dar al Islam (the Abode of Islam) and Dar al Harb (the Abode of War). So any muslim who claims that these verses only apply in places and times of war is misleading the kufr (non-muslims) with kitman (lying by omission) – there is already an existential war between muslims and non-muslims according to muslim theology.

  • ontario john

    Slavery is part of the rich Islamic culture. I’m sure Black Lives Matter, would agree.

    • mobuyus

      blm adherants fantasize about being analy ravished by large uni-browed bearded brown children.

  • Barrington Minge

    Another so called “imam” who has had is mouth and his arse reversed

  • Felicia Scott

    Disgusting swine. The only thing islamic males are good for is fishbait and target practice.

  • Bla Bla

    Treasonous pigs can now speak freely with no impunity as their buddies in the media and the government will sweep this under the rug… In a just society (aka the old Canada) this bum would be packaged onto a plane and sent back to the shithole he came from… But now…

  • Whoever doubted it?