Puzzled by leftists and Islamists working together?

Okay, readers aren’t, but our neighbours and colleagues may be. From Najat AlSaied at Gatestone:

I just wonder where those feminists and John Kerry were when millions of Egyptian women needed their support when they marched against the Muslim Brotherhood, asking for America’s help. Where were they when thousands of Syrian and Iraqi women were enslaved and raped by radical ISIS militants?

While not a single voice among these liberal feminists spoke out against these inhumane acts perpetrated against Muslim women by radical Islamists, a Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer, Linda Sarsour, co-organized the anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington. What’s worse, these liberal feminists want Sarsour to represent all Muslim women, while in fact she speaks for nobody except herself and those who fund her.

Sarsour’s interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC was full of false information, yet she was still cheered by several prominent liberal leftists. She said that Muslim children are being executed in the United States [a lie], that Muslims are prohibited from practising their faith [a lie] and that there is opposition to the building of mosques [a lie: There are more than 2,106 mosques in the US]. She also admitted that she wants Islamic sharia law to be applied in the United Sates and is offended that 22 states are opposed to this. All of these lies and allegations were not challenged by MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow. In fact, she agreed with Sarsour by saying, “What is happening domestically around issues about bigotry is spooky”. More.

Reality check: So neither group actually cares about the welfare of women but both want power. Later, they’ll fight it out at our expense and the Islamists will win. There’s a start in understanding our future if we cater to leftist-driven legislation against “Islamophobia.”

See also: Anti-Islamophobia legislation is just the beginning, of course. Much that is considered Islamophobia today consists in baldly stating unpopular facts, such as that Mohammed married a nine-year-old girl and that the Koran gives men the right to beat their wives. Or that a disproportionate number of terror attacks are linked to Islam. How convenient for the Islamist if he is the only one allowed to raise such issues.

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