Midseason TV a massive flop

From Michael O’Connell at Hollywood Reporter,

The year 2017 hasn’t been forgiving to the broadcast networks. With a whopping 17 scripted launches since Jan. 1, nearly all new series are languishing with low ratings, even by today’s modest standards. But that may not be entirely the new shows’ fault: The root of midseason’s problem, some say, is the middling fall that preceded it.

“In the past, midseason success was typically built on the foundation established in the fall,” says Sam Armando, lead investment director at MediaVest-Spark, noting all but NBC (and sports-lifted Fox) are down this year. “Since only This Is Us popped in the fall, there just aren’t any coattails to ride on.”More.

Reality check: To the extent that people have appropriated traditional broadcasters’ outlook on life, they no longer need them as their dealers; they can buy it anywhere on the internet, often for free and without ads. To the extent that we have never adopted their outlook, we never will. Their slide into oblivion could be long and miserable but it is not likely to be halted. Especially now that, in a panic, they have taken to making their Messages ever shriller and more plain.

See also: Big Gay: Hollywood a flop as a progressive lecture series. They can’t yet force everyone to pretend we care and find them interesting, the way a prof could.

Ambitious gay rights drama flops Until progressives can control what the rest of us are allowed to watch, they will not be able to advance their agenda very significantly hereafter.


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