Midseason TV a massive flop

From Michael O’Connell at Hollywood Reporter,

The year 2017 hasn’t been forgiving to the broadcast networks. With a whopping 17 scripted launches since Jan. 1, nearly all new series are languishing with low ratings, even by today’s modest standards. But that may not be entirely the new shows’ fault: The root of midseason’s problem, some say, is the middling fall that preceded it.

“In the past, midseason success was typically built on the foundation established in the fall,” says Sam Armando, lead investment director at MediaVest-Spark, noting all but NBC (and sports-lifted Fox) are down this year. “Since only This Is Us popped in the fall, there just aren’t any coattails to ride on.”More.

Reality check: To the extent that people have appropriated traditional broadcasters’ outlook on life, they no longer need them as their dealers; they can buy it anywhere on the internet, often for free and without ads. To the extent that we have never adopted their outlook, we never will. Their slide into oblivion could be long and miserable but it is not likely to be halted. Especially now that, in a panic, they have taken to making their Messages ever shriller and more plain.

See also: Big Gay: Hollywood a flop as a progressive lecture series. They can’t yet force everyone to pretend we care and find them interesting, the way a prof could.

Ambitious gay rights drama flops Until progressives can control what the rest of us are allowed to watch, they will not be able to advance their agenda very significantly hereafter.


Academy Awards protest hooplah masks declining public interest

  • ontario john

    TV shows might get more of an audience, if every series wasn’t about a single mother or father in a dysfunctional family with the required homosexual character. The plots are all the same, the leftist propaganda is all the same, and the actors all look like department store mannequins.

    • Gary

      The last movie I saw at a Theatre did not impress me when the story line got lost within this 110 minute Diversity Ad that was missing the wheelchair bound muslim midget with autism and ADD .
      Any foreigner seeing these types of propaganda movies would think that N.America is 30% gay , 60% black , 80% single moms, 40% homeless , 25% transgender , 55 % in prison and 70% mini-cops in over sized Uniforms .

      Commercials are now trying to tell us what to think and what is reality. I used to buy FORD’s until one ad pushed the Rainbow flag to infer that I was a homophobe for NOT buying a FORD. Back in 2006 during the hezballah illegal war on Israel I found a news item out of Windsor where the NDP and CAW rep were at a rally with black Niqab clad people from a pro-Jihad mosque that support the radical Imam in Iraq that praised Hezballah and wants the Global caliphate.
      I stopped buying CAW cars and went to the Non-Union Japanese vehicles. Then I saw how the Bank Of Montreal was a sponsor for the PRIDE during the 5 years there were 2 pro-hamas jew-hating groups . Hamas brutally kills homosexuals in public and have done it right around children to teach them what to do because allah hates the gays.
      I brought this up to BMO and they didn’t care while treating me like some malcontent homophobe picking on the Parade . I closed up my accounts and have no dealings with these jew-hating homophobes in the Board Room that used the PRIDE parade for their image as gay-friendly Corp in Canada while Sharia by 11 nation and gaza make it legal to murder gays .
      TD bank , Home Depot , Toronto STAR , OLG , Air Canada and Loblaws were also Sponsors with the nerve to fly the rainbow flag in Ads while hamas murder gays in Gaza .

      Liberalism is a Mental Disorder .

      • Clausewitz

        Well the CBC has always thought that Canada was 70% native Canadian.

    • Clausewitz

      I just don’t like being preached at, especially by Progressives.

  • Watchman

    We really need more shows depicting the heroic struggle of SJWs fighting against evil rogue Presidents, climate change, corrupt police organisations, gun manufacturers, immoral fracking companies, multinational sexist corporations, white fascist groups like the KKK, or Russians.

    They need to double down to overcome the evil influence of faceless groups who are preventing the shows from rating wonderfully. If enough money is put into these productions and massive funding for promoting these shows, people will throw off their chains from a structural oppression and the shows will become highly successful and will run for years. Even if ratings start off very low, commitment must be made to multi-year funding that is sure to pay back the investment.

    Or drive these MSM networks into bankruptcy. Whichever comes first, I don’t mind.

    • Clausewitz

      For that just watch Steve Paikin nightly at 8 pm and his hysterical comedy know as The Agenda. Enjoy watching your Ontario taxes at work.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Hollywood producers are out of touch with their desired audience and talk only to each other. Right now, I watch only news programs and I can’t wait until the baseball season starts.

  • Tooth&Claw

    I am not interested in being lectured by every TV program on gay, trans, or other sexual deviations. I am not interested in being marginalized, talked down to, ridiculed and yelled at for not liking, supporting or believing Marxist ideals, or anthropocentric climate change.
    I like others are just tuning out the continual noise. Their world is not one I care to observe as entertainment or live in.