Marine Le Pen Hails ‘Extremely Positive’ Dutch Elections

Ms. Le Pen called the result which saw the PVV increase its seats in the parliament “extremely positive”. The vote also led to the total collapse of the Dutch Labour party which went from 25 per cent of the vote in 2012 to only 6 per cent, losing the majority of its seats in the parliament.

  • Shebel

    How many Political PARTIES were participating ?
    I think that it was around 20.
    This would be Canada if that IDIOT Justin had managed to engage his Juvenile Wisdom.

  • Add to the fact that all the MSM organizations were comparing Wilders to hitler and demonizing anyone who expressed support for him.

    In a fair and balanced election he could easily have won.

  • Sunshine

    The second round of voting in May will result in Fillon’s votes going to Macron.
    Marine can only win this if all FN supporters turn out the vote and most of Fillon’s defeated fans stay home and do not vote.
    I see Macron as another Justin. Should he win, it will be the end of France.

    • bob e

      too bad .. it may seal the fate of France ..

  • bob e

    seems to me that by the time these people are voted into office, the mass killing
    will already have begun. The present leadership will be freaking out never
    having to stand against strong odds .. going to be bloody.