Husband, 29, who tried to flee to Syria to join ISIS was helped by his pregnant wife

Khan was arrested at Manchester Airport after police received a tip-off that he was preparing to fly to Athens and then on to Syria to fight alongside Islamic State troops.

Leeds Crown Court heard his wife Afsheen Khan, 28, had provided some money from joint funds in her account for him to buy the ticket and provided £1,000 in cash.

  • Starlord

    I would of gotten rid of him as well. Best way to get rid of a horrible Islamic husband. Egg them on to fulfil Allah’s wish!!!

    • canminuteman

      Har har, I made my comment before reading the others. Great minds think alike.

      • Starlord


  • Watchman

    “I love you dear husband, as Aisha loved Muhammed. Now go off to Syria and maybe you will become a shaheed (martyr), inshallah. Give me a call before coming home so I can prepare our house for you – pay no attention to the rumours about me and a big black Jamaican guy called Brandon unless you can find four male witnesses who actually saw us in bed together.”


  • canminuteman

    Maybe she didn’t like him very much?

  • Shebel

    The police received a Tip Off . Yeah Right.
    Sort of like calling the cops, ambulance and fire Dept when you commit suicide by jumping off a 2 inch board.

  • felis gracilis

    Why not simply parachute both of them into Mosul. Everybody wins that way.

  • Ed

    Any woman not wishing her ISIS loving husband godspeed to Syria is insane. That’s where her misery will end…

  • Gary

    Wouldn’t shock me if one day it’s Sheema Khan’s children doing this but the story will be ‘ Pearson Airport ‘ .
    Since 2001 , con-jon Khan was on the CBC to do dawah and speak for the Peaceful moderate muslims. But in 2009 her CAIR org was exposed for funding Hamas with some of the Donation CAIR got as a Charity which Khan filed for with the CRA.
    CAIR and Khan aided in Maher Arar’s Extortion for $400,000,000.00 from alleged harm in his Homeland of Syria where he’s STILL a citizen.

    The latest anti-Canada rants by the Arar’s is that they can’t get a travel Visa to fly from Canada to Saudi Arabia . They now want to enrich their children in Whahabism and Sunni islam.
    That’s great , enrich them and bring back to Canada as future suicide-bombers.