Evening photos

(1) Coast Mountains (Duffey Lake, BC) by Steve Olmstead

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(2) Special effects: Plane tree (Netherlands) by Lydia Machant

(3) Derbyshire (England) by CollardGreens

(4) Bridge to Autumn (no location given) by Jessica Jenney

(5) Old Barn (Crested Butte, Colorado) by WilsonAxpe/Scott Wilson

(6) Spring joy by Alenka Krek

(7) Misty forest (Sicily, Italy) by Francesco Mangiaglia

(8) Creek in the forest (Bohemia, Czech Republic) by Marek Boguszak

(9) The Andenes lighthouse (Norway) by Alfredo Costanzo

(10) Misty autumn forest (Netherlands) by Lydia Machant

(11) Mistaya River and Mt Sarbach (Banff, Alberta) by Philip Kuntz

(12) Sunrise (Zürich, Switzerland) by Kannappan Sivakumar

(13) Rain over Maalaea Bay Lighthouse (Hawaii) by thePotsdamer

(14) Ice Storm (Italy) by Alessandro Traverso

(15) Take me home, country road (no location given) by Rosipaw

(16) Misty lake (Finland) by Lauri Lohi

(17) Winter Sunset over Mount Champlain (Vermont) by Petr Kepka

(18) Oregon Wine Country [found on Pinterest without a link. Reverse image search finds nothing at all]

(19) Colorful houses on the beach (Gaspésie, PQ) by Danny VB

(20) Split Rock Lighthouse (Lake Superior, Minnesota) by Rikk Flohr


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  • Slickfoot

    Three lighthouses, a bonanza, thanks Frau.

  • bob e

    these are lovely. spring joy indeed. a lot of these pics look like
    paintings by very skilled artists. either way the trees in autumn,
    winter or a-bloom in spring are wonderful ..