The Media’s Maddow Disease

Its loss of perspective grows under hatred of Trump.

For decades the media carefully cultivated an aura of “objectivity” in order to preserve its propagandistic authority. It was always a sham, but it worked as long as Republican presidents paid homage to it. Trump hasn’t, and the media hates him for it, even as its unhinged behavior confirms the truth of his stance.

How dare you treat us as liberal partisans, they pout, before trotting off to the latest anti-Trump gala. Guess who is one of this year’s winners of the “Walter Cronkite Award”? Jorge Ramos, the open-borders activist who pretends to play a news anchor at Univision. Perhaps Rachel Maddow can snag the award next year.

  • Dana Garcia

    The Cronkite Award should be considered an ironic honor when given to such obvious propagandists as Ramos. Walter Cronkite was a raging liberal, but nobody knew it until he retired and spoke his mind about issues. When doing the the news, he was a straight-arrow facts guy.

    • GrimmCreeper

      Only how would we really know? Back then there were very few, if any, other sources to check him and his “facts.”

  • Spatchcocked

    Not so. Cronkite was a squishy liberal agent provocateur …..a bad man at bottom.