Rabbi takes Pope Francis to task for anti-Semitic rhetoric

From Matthew Schmitz at First Things

In a recent letter on the return of Catholic anti-Judaism, Giuseppe Laras, a prominent Italian rabbi, objects to the homilies of Pope Francis for their promotion of false and dangerous anti-Jewish stereotypes. Laras perceives “an undercurrent—with the text a bit more manifest now—of resentment, intolerance, and annoyance on the Christian side toward Judaism; a substantial distrust of the Bible and a subsequent minimization of the Jewish biblical roots of Christianity; a more or less latent ‘Marcionism’ now presented in pseudo-scientific form, which today focuses insistently on ethics and politics.”

Laras is aware of and grateful for recent improvements in Catholic understanding of Judaism—but he laments that these seem to be lost on Francis: More.

Reality check: Anti-Semitism is now, quite simply, a progressive cause. And another reason for progressives to feel at home with Islamists. As campuses continue to rot intellectually, it may become a staple of snowflake culture too.

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