Officials can’t say how many asylum seekers enter Canada illegally

From their very first steps over the border, asylum seekers are quickly caught up in a system involving numerous federal, provincial and non-governmental agencies, all of which keep information and statistics in different ways — but none of which specifically track the number of people filing asylum claims after crossing the border illegally.

  • LairdKintyre

    The Canadian Electorate will never forgive you Trudeau. Political Oblivion for you in 2019.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      An asshole of assholes, most definitely. Pathetic idiot.

      Does anyone believe inaccurate statistics regarding illegal migrants/refugees an accident? *sigh*

      • shasta

        “asshole of assholes”

        That does not say very much for the electorate of this country.

        • Etobicoke_Gladiator

          Them’s the breaks. Reality isn’t always pleasant.

    • Alain

      I no longer that kind of faith in the Canadian electorate, since after Trudeau the first they should have rejected en masse Trudeau the second.

  • “Officials Can’t Say How Many Asylum Seekers Enter Canada Illegally”.

    I can, Too many!

  • Editor

    I “can’t say exactly” how much money I made this year, hard to track really. I’ll estimate $100. Let’s see if Revenue Canada goes for that.

  • Spatchcocked

    Our Canada is Justine’s to experiment with as he wishes. He has some Jim dandy ideas about this country and how to improve it for the worlds benefit…..Canadians not so much.
    When this moronic boy chick falls he’s going to fall hard…..

    • shasta

      “he’s going to fall hard”

      Really? When have you ever seen a Canadian politician have to pay for their crimes? Just yesterday I watched on the news the discussion about how that pedophile senator may get the boot, but will in any case keep his pension. At the very least he should be doing hard time and end up penniless.

  • So now it’s not just malfeasance but incredible incompetence.

    Oh, that’s good.

  • Liberal Progressive

    I think my leader, Justin, says they all can!