Campus culture: Fall of the Soviet Union in reverse

From Derek Hunter at Townhall:

I didn’t graduate college all that long ago, (December 2000, to be exact), but the culture on campuses has changed so dramatically in those years that it’s akin to when the Soviet Union fell, only in reverse.

Still, there is no place closer to a totalitarian police state in the United States than the college campus. Except, perhaps, public high schools.

Even if parents were to attend occasional classes, the propaganda would be difficult to notice. That’s how indoctrination into left-wing ideology works – like Chinese water torture, one drop at a time. More.

Reality check: There is a certain macabre fascination with the fact that the snowflake offspring of virtue-signalling progressives will likely be  subtly indoctrinated into anti-Semitism. But it’s the very nature of progressivism to turn on those who gave it life, alongside various road kill such as actual opponents. Put another way, Donald Trump probably has less to fear from progressive ideology than its Jewish adherents do.

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