Anti-Islamophobia legislation is just the beginning, of course

From Anthony Furey at Toronto Sun:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is crying “Islamophobia” after his government ministers weren’t allowed to campaign in the Netherlands over the weekend in support of his bid to expand his presidential powers.

What the hell did the Dutch think they were doing, letting these foreign politicians campaign in their country? What if Americans did that to us? If riots break out, who’s responsible?

It’s just another reminder of why this vaguely defined buzzword should never be officially recognized by Western governments.

Thankfully, the vast majority of Canadians also see it this way. A new poll out by Forum Research reveals that only 14% of people support M-103, the anti-discrimination motion put forward by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid that singles out so-called Islamophobia.

A couple of weeks ago, German police conducted raids on the homes of four Muslim clerics who were accused of spying on behalf of the government. Religion was only a peripheral component in the police action, yet that didn’t stop the head of Turkey’s religious affairs directorate from denouncing it as “Islamophobia-based hatred.” More.

Reality check:  Much that is considered Islamophobia today consists in baldly stating unpopular facts, such as that Mohammed married a nine-year-old girl and that the Koran gives men the right to beat their wives. Or that a disproportionate number of terror attacks are linked to Islam. Or that a majority of Muslims in some survey reports think the gay lifestyle should be illegal. How convenient for the Islamist if he is the only one allowed to raise such issues, if he chooses.

With that in mind, does anyone doubt that M103 will soon be followed up by laws against expressing disapproval of or dissent from a variety of other progressive dogmas? Or even offering evidence against them?

How about doubting various claims re climate change? Or talking bluntly about abortion and euthanasia? Or defending Israel? Remember, progressive fashions change. Anti-Semitism is now Cool.

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