Toronto: Muslim prof says “nothing radical” about wanting Sharia and caliphate

No there isn’t. It is perfectly Islamic and that’s not news.

You can thank our useful idiot political class for enriching Canada with a violent supremacist cult.

  • tom_billesley

    O/T: Germany to test arabic dialect analysis software to catch fake “Syrians”.
    I don’t think it’ll work on the “Syrians” who only speak Urdu or Bengali.

  • Gary

    John Tory and Wynne refuse to condemn that Toronto downtown Mosque where the Imam called for slaughtering all the jews and non-muslims in Canada.
    They must be pretty stupid to think that they will be spared under sharia once muslism have the number to do jihad and impose.

    • Canadian Born

      Will Wynne be the first to be beheaded? Don’t the Muslims hate homosexuals? With Canada tipping towards Sharia law, this could very well happen. Mosques and Muslims do not belong in Canada, but our government is too stupid to realize it.