Mennonites seek to come to terms with Nazi collaboration

German-speaking Mennonite refugees from the Soviet Union with indigenous neighbors near the Fernheim Colony in 1930 in northwest Paraguay. Photo courtesy of Archiv der Kolonie Fernheim (Filadelfia, Paraguay)

“…Interest for this dark chapter in Paraguayan Mennonite life comes at a time when the global church is beginning to uncover a larger history of Nazi collaboration.

In 2015, the first academic conference on the topic took place in the German city of Münster, site of the 1534 Münster Rebellion that was crucial to the founding of the Mennonite faith. Historians revealed substantial pro-Nazi movements among communities in Canada, the Netherlands, Paraguay and Brazil. By the height of Hitler’s power, one-fourth of all Mennonites worldwide lived in the Third Reich.”

Some interesting comments. Worth a read.