Local blogger says he had Don Meredith appointed to Senate just so he could “bring him down”

Don Meredith says ‘racism has played a role’ in his sex scandal

The senator said Wednesday he believes he has been the victim of racism since the allegations about his affair first surfaced in the summer of 2015. Where individuals of colour rise, he said, somehow they’re taken down — whether it’s “self-inflicted or orchestrated.”

“Absolutely, racism has played a role in this,” Meredith said. “This is nothing new to me. There is always a double standard that exists in this country.”

Damn right it did, every morning since I can remember the first thing on my mind was; How do I bring down Don Meredith?

Finally through a combination of white privilege and low cunning my plans succeeded.

In fact I had Don appointed to the Senate just so I could set him up.

It’s just the way I roll.