Liberals may be losing death grip on Toronto: Poll

Is Toronto — ground zero for latte-sipping elitists and the Liberal machine — poised to paint itself Tory blue in the next provincial race?

A Forum poll, released exclusively to the Toronto Sun, shows that the Progressive Conservative lead in Toronto over the Kathleen Wynne-led Liberals has jumped four percentage points in the last month — with 36% of those polled saying they’d vote Tory in the 2018 election, compared to 31% for the Grits.

The poll of 966 Toronto voters — from March 8-10 — shows the PC tide prevails despite Wynne’s attempts to buy back support with her March 1 promise to lower Hydro rates by 25%.

Take this with a huge grain of salt, Torontonians are quite happy to be governed by an incompetent lesbian, it makes them feel so “with it”, cosmopolitan and becuz “Dyke”.

Besides the public service unions will simply put a new puppet in place if they decide to ditch the dyke. Patrick Brown will do, and without much need for wardrobe alteration.

  • Spatchcocked

    Resign!? You’ll have to prise this turkey baster out of my cold dead hands….

    • She is long past her best before date, never did I think Ontario could be brought to its knees, but governance by deviance will do that.

      • huron


  • huron

    Will she he run to the us like mcguilty?

    • David Murrell

      Didn’ know this. Do you know where and what the crook is up to?

    • simus1

      GLLKDW is not in jail and neither is the miscreant she took over from.
      Mission accomplished.
      Competent where it really counts to Liberals.

  • Clink9

    Toronto is dead from the neck up. High schoolers have been running the place since the seventies.

    • Will Quest

      Toronto has become a monolithic, suffocating liberal swamp…. radical left-wing ideology has infested Toronto …..governed by an intolerance of dissenting ideas. The public is indoctrinated by the Toronto-centric CBC and its steady parade of counter-cultural, left-wing, radical-chic celebrities and academics taking a very public dumb { crap} thanks to the CBC ….

      • Clink9

        I made it out in 1989.

  • Waffle

    Anyone who is looking for salvation with Patrick Brown-nose is hanging out at the wrong bathhouse.

    Yes, the long knives may be out for Kathleen and she will more than likely get thrown under the proverbial bus, but do not think for one single moment that the avaricious monsters she has created will let go their grip on the provincial piggy bank.

    For one thing, the whole Hydro scam, with its attendant handmaidens — the Bay Street Whores — is way too lucractive to let it all go up in smoke. Besides, the architect of the scam (Ed Clark) is already at work figuring out how to “modernize” the intrinsic value of Ontario’s health records, estimated at $6 billion. Liberals are salivating at the thought.

    Having a Liberal government at the helm pulling the financial levers is not something that the powers behind the throne will easily let go of.

    Unfortunately, Brownie and his fellow weasels are not a viable choice. For one thing, the party is already being infiltrated by members of “the religion of peace”. Need I say more? The extent of this infiltration will not be known until after the next election, if, by some fluke, Brownie manages to pull off a win.

    One thing is for certain, however, no matter who wins power in the next election, Ontarians will continue to be screwed.

    • Alain

      Indeed. Now if the alternative were Conservative instead of Progressive, that would make a difference for the better.

  • David Murrell

    The Liberal cronies at CBC News, the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail must be very worried about now, worried that their plans for a Wynne-reelection might not work. For its part the corrupt Globe transferred its star reporter Adrian Murrow (the fellow who uncovered much of the Wynne dirty sleaze) from Queen’s Park to Washington, DC.

  • Art Deco

    On this side of the border, Ontario seems to be an assemblage of four incongruous parts: the Hamilton-to-Oshawa urban glob, an enormous expanse of boreal forest punctuated by the occasional settlement (the largest of which is Thunder Bay), a string of Francophone municipalities on the Quebec border, and the remainder (a fairly normal mix of cities of various tiers, as well as small towns and countryside). Perhaps you all might benefit if these components were divorced from each other?

    • simus1

      A new northern province ceded by Ontario along a French River, Lake Nipissing, Mattawa River boundary would be a good start. If we could only con the usual suspects at Queen’s Park and Ottawa to think it would be their own personal Liberal fiefdom complete with a thin coat of First Nation’s frontage.

  • Observer

    But are we going to replace one Liberal with another, that is, Kathleen for Patrick Brown?