Geert Wilders and the Real Story of the Election

The Dutch Labor Party used to dominate Maastricht. The ancient city gave its name to the Maastricht Treaty that created the European Union. In this election, the Labor Party fell from a quarter of the vote to a twentieth.

Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, which advocates withdrawing from the EU, is now the largest party in Maastricht, the birthplace of the European Union.

And the growing strength of the Freedom Party can be felt not only on the banks of the Maas River, but across the waterways of the Netherlands. A new wind of change has blown off the North Sea and ruffled feathers in Belgisch Park.

  • PaulW

    The comparison to UKIP was helpful. UKIP has performed rather underwhelmingly at the polls but its contribution to the society-shaping Brexit vote is undeniable. If enough people speak out – for what is society but the people in it and their views and attitudes? – they can drag not only the conversation, but society itself and its values, in a certain direction, shift what is mainstream and accepted.

    Canadian conservatives take note. Canada didn’t become the socialist zombie land we currently are overnight: progressives dragged the Canadian mainstream, Canadian society, inexorably Left over the course of decades. But it can also be dragged back to common sense, if enough people insist on speaking out, despite being vilified and criticized, if conservatives start acting unashamed to be conservative.

    • Much of Wilders immigration policy was adopted by his rivals. They squeaked out a win this time.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I hoped rather than expected Wilders to do better.
        It may be a blessing in disguise that he fell short this time.
        Things are only going to get worse over there.

        • Maggat

          I do hope Wilders is not the canary in the coal mine.

      • V10_Rob

        Yeah, because they’ll totally follow through on those policies they tacked on to their platform in desperation…

  • simus1

    Placing the heroes on one side in the final contest and the vote whoring
    muslim appeasing filth on the other is just opening the road to final victory.
    The Dutch will be making their clear cut choice when the elites order them
    to march off the dykes and into the sea next time “for their own good and
    world peace”.

    • 28 parties were represented in the election, very Weimar.

      • Maggat

        And… that is what the shiny pony had envisioned for Canada.

        • simus1

          At least 28 rent seekers and crony capitalists with deep pockets in such a small country? That is impressive and very proportional, not to mention very corrupt.