FAKE NEWS: Did Trump Just Kill Meals On Wheels? Not Even Close.

It’s time for the media to portray President Trump as cruel and evil. It’s harder for the media to do this with Trump than it has been with other Republicans, simply because Trump constantly uses the rhetoric of big government, guaranteeing Americans that their entitlements won’t be affected in any serious way. But with the presentation of his proposed budget, Democrats and the media finally pounced: Trump wants to kill old people by cutting funding to Meals on Wheels!

  • ed
  • Frances

    They do good work – had both mother and aunt using their services towards the end and it was great. But’s is local responsibility, not federal. As it happens, my mother was one of the organizers of this service in our small town back in the day. She was not shy about co-opting others in the community to help, ether, especially those who had four-wheel drive vehicles when the winter storms rolled in. Don’t think it ever came to calling out the snowmobilers, but am willing to bet she had a list of same “just in case”.

  • ntt1

    It, like so many other organizations, was co-opted by Marxists what is done at the federal level is pure pork, Meals on wheels is a local organization kill off the bloated bureaucracy that employs friends of the far left and nobody will notice.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile feminist Trudeau has just announced $125,000,000 for African relief. Get those Swiss bank accounts ready.

  • Alain

    As the man from the Trump administration reminded the reporters during the press conference, Meals on Wheels is not federal jurisdiction, which means it is another state or municipal responsibility. It has zero to do with Trump or the budget. Of course all we get again is fake and dishonest news.