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Western Civilization Is Worth Defending

No civilization is perfect, and the west is no exception. Terrible crimes have been committed throughout history by every group of people on Earth, and the west has certainly not lived up to our principles at all times.

With that said, there is no denying that the west has been the strongest defender of Individual Liberty that the world has ever seen, and this has led to Western nations being the most innovative, advanced, and free societies the world has ever known.

This is something we should take pride in, and it is something we must defend.

Activists in U.K., U.S. push pre-school gay-ed

America isn’t the only country facing a challenge to parental rights by pro-abortion organizations.

United Kingdom’s education secretary, Justine Greening, has unveiled what she calls “Relationships Education,” meaning that children in primary schools as young as four will be taught that same-gender relationships are as normal as opposite-gender ones. And parents will not be permitted to opt out their children.

Netherlands swung to the right despite media claims

What the English language media is telling people is that this is a humiliating defeat for conservatives because Geert Wilders party on got 13% of the vote. This is only disappointing if you look at polls from weeks ago that showed the PVV almost neck and neck with VVD.

What the media is not saying.

1. The vote was split between 13 different parties and there is no longer a single party with more than a quarter of the seats. In the last election, there were eleven parties gaining seats with two main parties each gaining over a quarter of the total seats.
2. On the eve of the election, the VVD ran to the right in order to steal the thunder of the PVV. While this was probably not genuine, it is relevant. It shows that the rhetoric of the PVV is far more mainstream than what is portrayed in the media.
3. The Dutch parliament swung to the right overall.

UMD hires new admin to ‘protect’ illegal immigrant students

The University of Maryland is creating an “undocumented student coordinator” position to support illegal immigrant students in response to student concerns about Trump’s policies on immigration.

The opening of the position was in response to student group ProtectUMD’s demands last semester for “a full-time Undocumented Student Coordinator to advocate for, advise, represent, and protect undocumented and DACAmented students,” reports The Diamondback.

Amy Schumer Blames Special’s Failure On Trump Admin, Praises Herself As ‘Dangerous & Brave’

Comedian Amy Schumer blamed the failure of her new Netflix special on the Trump administration Wednesday before patting herself on the back for being “dangerous and brave.”

Fox News reported yesterday that her special “has nearly 1,200 user reviews and an overall average rating of 1.5 stars.”

Schumer on Instagram linked to an article claiming – without evidence – the bad reviews on her show were the result of “alt-right trolls” and said she believes it’s “what the current administration wants.”

Trump Budget Proposes Killing All Funding for PBS, NPR and National Endowment for the Arts

President Donald Trump made good on a long-time conservative goal in his first proposed budget Thursday morning, targeting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities for complete elimination.

Trump’s budget would zero out the $445 million budget for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a relatively small source of funding for programming and broadcast operations on public TV stations and NPR radio stations nationwide, per the Washington Post.

Trump’s NASA Budget Cancels Most Of Obama’s Legacy

Under the new budget, NASA plans to accelerate plans to put U.S. astronauts to lunar orbit in 2019 and send a manned mission to Mars in 16 years. Trump previously requested NASA plan to return U.S. astronauts to the moon potentially by 2020 and go on to Mars soon after, according to leaked internal documents. The budget provides $3.7 billion for the development of the Space Launch System Mars rocket and capsule.

This directly contrasts with Obama’s NASA budgets, which repeatedly tried to slash space exploration funding and redirect it to environmental research. Obama increased NASA’s budget for environmental programs by 63 percent at the expense of its exploration budget.

‘We actually beat up Justin Trudeau,’ Matthew Perry recalls on Kimmel

While most people eagerly share their stories about encountering Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, actor Matthew Perry has one story he’s “not proud of.”

An old friend of the American-born, Ottawa-raised actor reminded him that as kids, “we actually beat up Justin Trudeau,” Perry recounted Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Poster denouncing ‘Jewish privilege’ plastered across Chicago university campus

University of Illinois (UIC) students were dismayed to find a flyer calling for the end of “Jewish privilege” plastered on walls around the Chicago university campus on Wednesday.

In large bold letters the poster reads: “Ending white privilege…starts with ending Jewish privilege.”

Why Is Trudeau Silent On Anti-Semitic Imams?

Justin Trudeau has been quite busy slandering Canadians as “Islamophobes,” even though polls show the majority of Canadians do not share his “hear no evil, see no evil approach” to radical Islamism.

Disturbingly however, while Trudeau is condemning Canadians, he so far refuses to condemn the horrendous Anti-Semitism being spewed at some mosques in Canada by radical imams.


  • Gary

    Make a poster with Tory’s quote for praising the jew-hating mosque and then under it the Imams quote to wipe out the jews and non-muslims in Canada.
    Have another with Wynne, Justin and Tory head-shots under the title The three Stooge’s .
    Not one of them has condemned the imams calling for killing the jews. This means they agree with it, time to use their own hate-laws against them that by not denouncing to they support it.

    • Shebel

      Simmer down.
      Never stoop to level of a Muslim.
      Unless you want to become a JOKE

      • tom_billesley

        That’s difficult, it’s lower than the belly of a snake.

        • Shebel

          Makes it easier to rise above their victimized propaganda.

        • Dave

          In a wagon’s wheel rut

  • ontario john

    In further proof that I’m glad that I retired from the military, the National Post reports that the feminist Trudeau government is changing uniforms, badges, and decorations to make homosexuals, women, and minority groups more comfortable in Canada’s Armed Forces. Yes, soon recruits can have the option if they are trans gender men to wear a dress with a bag over their head. And in further good news, the Toronto Star yesterday ran a piece on their editorial page, pushing that we should have wide open borders to refugees.

    • Shebel

      Maybe we should all just commit suicide. . But–
      If we are going to do that—
      May as well make a statement .

      I almost sound like a Jihadi.

      • ontario john

        Yes, next time a Canadian soldier goes into battle, it will be a trans gender, black, muslim woman in a wheelchair, giving out pictures of feminist Trudeau to the enemy.

  • ontario john

    And now the editorial from the Friday Toronto Star. TRUDEAU IS WONDERFUL! Feminist Trudeau was a roaring success at the Broadway play, and he lectured those racist Americans on how inclusive we are. I wonder how the retired publisher of the Star is making out with his new job, that Trudeau gave him in Chicago.

  • Shebel

    Suffragettes Against Silence—- that is a Joke.
    You Ladies have had your Day .
    Now History –is moving so fast–that it has passed you by.
    Good job.
    Protect your Name.

  • tom_billesley

    What has happened to NASA’s muslim outreach programme? Barack Obama told Charles Bolden to make “reaching out to the Muslim world” one of the space agency’s top priorities.

    • Shebel

      I remember that— Outer space?

    • Watchman

      I think that was part of the deal with Iran, helping them build their own ‘space rockets’ to help them move particular radioactive mechanisms from Iran into space and then back down to the ground to deliver them to NASA people in the USA, likely NASA people in Washington DC, Los Angeles, or New York.


  • tom_billesley

    Activists are now working on a scheme for in-utero exposure to gay-ed.

  • Shebel

    Is that like when they did their level best to spread Aids ?

  • tom_billesley

    The UK government has suspended advertising on YouTube. Ads were being aired before videos uploaded by extremist groups and hate preachers, who were receiving payouts for the ad placement.

    • Shebel

      That is a shame.. I have watched some of your IMAMS.
      They are a treasure-if you are a traitor.

  • H
  • ontario john

    Canada’s most left wing morning news show, CTV’s Your Morning had a panel on, reminding us that while celebrating the birthday of Canada, we really have nothing to celebrate. We are racist bastards, our ancestors were racist bastards, and our history is full of racist bastards. And the CBC is excited about homosexual country and western singers, that will be traveling all over Canada to remind us that we are all homophobic.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Amy who? That fat blonde drunk girl who rolls around on the floor howling about her vagina?

    • ontario john

      Are we talking about Heather Mallick?

      • Dave

        They are comparable on the vomit inducing scale.

    • Clausewitz

      The only comic I know who steals jokes and actually makes them unfunny. What a waste of skin.