And I bet they offer to help too…

Muslims protest against freedom of speech in Toronto – 2012

Interpol help sought to curb blasphemy online

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Inves­tigation Agency (FIA) is in touch with Interpol to identify social media pages that contain inflammatory and sacrilegious content that violates international laws.

In addition, the agency has sent a formal request to social networking site Facebook in the light of recent court rulings regarding the blocking of blasphemous material online, FIA officials told a high-level meeting on Wednesday.

Related… Google is summoned by ministers to explain why taxpayer cash is unwittingly funding extremists via online adverts

Google executives have been summoned to Whitehall to explain why Government ads are funding extremists.

Taxpayer-funded adverts are to be pulled from YouTube ‘pending reassurances’ after it emerged they were being shown alongside hate videos.

Just try to monetize a YouTube video that denounces Jihad – ain’t gonna happen. YouTube will send you an email saying their advertisers may be offended by your video’s content and as a result no ads allowed.