Udder chaos: Turkey deports Dutch cows in strange show of solidarity with Erdogan

The diplomatic spat between Turkey and the Netherlands has taken a bizarre turn with Istanbul sending a consignment of 40 cattle back to the Dutch.

Turkey’s Association of Red Meat Producers has sent 40 prized Holstein cattle back to the Netherlands saying that it no longer wants them due to the ongoing diplomatic spat between the two nations.

  • deplorabledave

    Holy cow!

    • Ed

      They’re Jewish spies.

  • ontario john

    Have the cows been raped??

    • Shebel


      • simus1

        A mysterious A/C is possibly on the way to rescue these beautiful animals:
        Unfortunately, the cows will have to wait because of a flap problem.
        Likely left flapping, no way to be sure yet.

  • Dana Garcia

    Point Reyes hikers (north or San Francisco) regard Holsteins as an important part of the landscape. The excess cows would love the view, I’m sure.


    • Shebel

      ” These new fangled milking machines are much slower and gentler than having 4 Muslims sucking on my Tits. ?”

  • Spatchcocked

    They want to exchange them for young bulls dressed like young boy calves…that can dance….moooooooo.

    • Shebel

      What do Muslims call the boys that they dress up and Rape ?
      I forget. It is something that allows them to act like pedophile, homosexual Rapists but- they are not– they are just emulating the Prophet.
      It is part of their Culture.

      • Martin B

        Bacha Bazi boys.

  • SDMatt

    But they kept the goats, amiright?

    • Shebel

      Yes. The cows were to loose for them.

      • ontario john

        Their wives were getting jealous.

  • andycanuck

    First they came for the Holsteins,
    But I was a Jersey so I didn’t care.

    • felis gracilis

      I think you meant to say “first they came IN the Holsteins”.

  • Cat-astrophe

    In the fine print, they are requesting 72 Dutch heifer’s be sent. back for the old cows.

  • xavier

    Wow. Talk about virtue signalling. No problem Erogodan will soon turn Turkey into Somalia on the Bosphorus.
    We’ll soon see kids starving and the country slowly sliding to Venezuela type condition to end up as Somalia

  • Spatchcocked

    First they came for the Holsteins. …..u made me laff…first time in a decade. Thanks

  • simus1

    Goat milk, camel milk, and slave milk are better than milk from infidel cowesses like those.

    • Shebel

      Wait until you try Canadian HOMO milk—-
      It is to die for.

  • QiPo

    Rescued from the horror of Halal slaughter and who knows what “else” in islam land. Lucky bovines! Luckier than Christians, Jews, and Armenians in the same area.