‘Racial Self-Interest’ is not Racism’ – Ethno-demographic interests and the immigration debate

This report presents new research by Eric Kaufmann, Professor of Politics at Birkbeck University, which examines attitudes towards racism amongst British and American voters of different races and political persuasions. The research shows that:

A majority of British and American people of all races believe that white majority desires to reduce immigration can be motivated by racial self interest rather than racism – and that there is a crucial distinction

White liberals are most likely to believe that whites who desire lower immigration to maintain their population share are racist – whilst white conservatives are most likely to believe that minorities who want more of ‘their own’ to immigrate are racist

Political views are more important than race in determining a voter’s perception of group-based immigration preferences – for example, the divide between Remain and Brexit voters, as well as

Trump and Clinton voters, on whether it is racist for whites to want to restrict immigration stretches to 70 points

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‘Racial Self-Interest’ is not Racism