Not right-wing populism, just common sense

A new poll confirms what we’ve known all along: Canadians want newcomers to adopt Canadian values.

Despite the prolonged hand-wringing by media elites, this recent poll — conducted by CROP and commissioned by the French CBC — also confirms that Canadians are open and welcoming towards immigration.

An overwhelming majority — 83% of respondents —believe that other cultures enrich our society and most support the current levels of immigration.

Overlapping with that response, the poll shows that three-quarters of Canadians want newcomers to be screened and vetted to weed out those who possess anti-Canadian attitudes.

The results are clear. Canadians are open to immigration but that openness is not unlimited, nor unconditional.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    “83% of respondents —believe that other cultures enrich our society andmost support the current levels of immigration.”
    Pierre Shitforbrains Trudeau and his acolytes sure worked their magic. Most Canerdians believe in cultural suicide and want lots of muzzies. Great. Just great.

    • Alain

      If that percentage is true, then my country is toast.

      • ntt1

        polling based on its battered reputation is no more accurate than examining the entrails of a goat to see the future.

        • Tooth&Claw

          Yup, I want to see the sample size, the questions asked, and the distribution from rural and urban areas. Otherwise their statements are not necessarily true and more than likely horse manure.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Turdope is Chinese; His mother named him,” Sum Dum Fuc”.

  • DMB

    Once robots become common place in the workplace the government controlled by the global elite will have no more need to bring in large amounts of migrants to Canada. It’s always when labour rates rise is when more immigration is brought in not the other way around.

    • Alain

      Sorry but I beg to differ. Mass immigration from 3rd world countries is done to balkanise the population, creating voter blocks that can be exploited. It’s other purpose is to ensure that real citizens are so neutralised that they cannot represent a threat to those in power.

      • DMB

        I agree on all points however migrants come to countries like Canada primarily for two reasons employment opportunities and social benefits such as health care, welfare, housing, etc. Take both away and they have little reason to come here. The corporate and political elite both want mass migration one to create a surplus workforce to drive down wages while the other to create as you are correct in saying voter blocks. If mass numbers of migrants as well as Canadians become unemployable due to mass automation in the workforce there will be fewer taxpayers available to sustain our social programs. Also with all levels of government in record levels of debt it will only be a matter of time before many of our social programs such as government subsidized health care, welfare benefits, housing, education system collapses. So no benefits, employment opportunities will cause mass anger among the migrants not to mention Canadians causing disillusion towards the governing party (mainly Liberals) threatening their power and support. Individuals like Wynne and Trudeau will continue to get support until the money runs out and the public sector jobs are gone!